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Fast Food Giant

When a massive restaurant chain needs to keep opening stores on a schedule, there’s no time for winging it.

Food and beverage
Global, North America

The Challenge

The client worked a lot with contractors and franchisees, but those external stakeholders were getting lost in their old SharePoint. With clear targets set for the opening of multiple new restaurants per quarter, the client needed an updated, streamlined way to help stakeholders to set up a restaurant in any location around the country using distributed communications.

The Solution

A one-stop-shop LiveTiles Portal. Staff and contractors can easily find the information they need. Everything is not only organized, the distributed communications have a uniform look and feel.

The Result

The client now knows their franchisees can find everything they need to establish a successful new restaurant.

The Challenge

When a massive restaurant chain needs to keep opening stores on a schedule, there’s no time for winging it. The solution has to be fast, crisp, and deliciously easy to access…just like their wildly popular products.

This particular US-based restaurant chain has over 2000 stores across the States, and enjoys an almost cult-like massive following, particularly among young people.

The cult-favourite has stores in malls, airports, or stand-alone shops, and their presence is growing all the time, with franchisees eager to open their own stores.

The Solution

Like a drive-thru menu for stakeholders including distributed communications

The project began when the restaurant development team realized they needed to update their online staff portal. Their old SharePoint was less than ideal and made it hard to find important information, both for internal staff and for contractors.

They needed an easy way to onboard their new franchisees and provide all the information and details for those franchisees, contractors, architects, branding, and design.

The client has a targeted amount of restaurant openings per quarter. LiveTiles needed to make sure the project was in line with opening season, so when it began the client has the right materials ready for them.

Our LiveTiles representatives worked with the client’s restaurant development experts, content creators, and managers to understand their needs.

The entire user experience was revamped with LiveTiles Page Designer. We created a clean, user-friendly intranet so the client and their contractors and franchisees can now find the information they need in seconds, on a mobile device or desktop

The client and their contractors and franchisees can now find the distributed communications they need in seconds, on a mobile device or desktop.

The Result

Customer satisfaction, guaranteed!

A 100 per cent satisfied customer! The client now has a one-stop instruction manual for franchisees to establish one of their restaurants. Content is organized, up-to-date, and easy to access.

Now the client has this intranet in place, they can confidently point their contractors and stakeholders to the website, where they can easily find the links and folders they need, all presented with an organized, uniform look and feel.

Most importantly, this has improved and increased productivity for the restaurant development team and their contractors.

The project went live in November 2019, but it’s constantly being updated with new rules and regulations. This flexibility means it’s simple for the client to make important changes due to impacts such as the pandemic and changes in the corporate structure of the company.

Some of the key stakeholders within the company are keen to have more assistance from LiveTiles and possibly implement a larger rollout of the new portal. The client’s restaurant development team has been “the poster child for success” with their information management and content structure using LiveTiles. We’re hopeful we can keep supporting this client and potentially begin rolling out the new portal to more departments.

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