Global Confectionery Giant

Real world use case

A family company that specialises in glamorous marketing, and producing a luxurious product, that needed a way to engage with their corporate family.

Food and beverage

The Challenge

This glamourous global chocolate manufacturer had an intranet set up two years ago…but it was the wrong product for them. Expensive and clunky, it left a bad taste in their mouth.

The Solution

LiveTiles Everywhere. Functional, speedy, and customizable, it was the palate cleanser the client needed, and that their valued staff deserved.

The Result

The client can now offer a great, speedy, employee experience with better branding to their staff, increasing engagement and productivity for their large international team.

Craving something sweeter 

A deliciously decadent brand known for their glamourous marketing campaigns and luxurious product was struggling to show their staff the support they so desperately wanted to give them. 

The reason? A confusing, underperforming intranet. Desperate to support their staff, this family business searched for a sweet solution. This is where LiveTiles came in. 

An international heavyweight in the confectionary business, the client had grown massively from the small family business established in the 40s but held on firmly to their old-fashioned values. That meant giving their staff the best possible experience, and ultimately, keeping their best talent.  

The out-of-the-box product they had brought was nowhere near as good as they expected it to be, leaving the client keen to provide something better to their 40,000 team members. The client had some basic targeting set up in their intranet platform, but they found that very few employees were actually reading their internal news 

They wanted to seamlessly tie their employees’ journey with the company to their intranet, giving staff a way to monitor their own performance, discover training, and opportunities for career progression. The client also wanted to improve self-service features like requesting leave.

They wanted to seamlessly tie their employees’ journey with the company to their intranet

A sweet deal 

The client needed a solution- and fast. LiveTiles brought a solution to the table in two weeks’ time: LiveTiles Everywhere. 

But before the choice was made, LiveTiles connected with the business extensively, to really understand their needs. Stakeholders were brought into the process as soon as possible, and enthusiasm built early on. 

The big reason the client chose LiveTiles related to modern SharePointthey found that a lot of work was needed to get little result. With LiveTiles’ solution they were able to speed up that process of innovation internally.  

When the client looked at different products on the market, it was very important for them to have a product that would be able to deliver an MVP in the first few months. 

With LiveTiles Everywhere, we were able to give the client a tailored solution that connected their thousands of employees around the world, with a great mobile experience too.  

When the client looked at different products on the market, it was very important for them to have a product that would be able to deliver an MVP in the first few months.

Time for dessert  

With LiveTiles Everywhere, the client finally had everything they needed. They can now offer a great, speedy, employee experience with better branding across the mobile platform and they have the chance to do more with self-service and process automation in the future.  

With Everywhere users are still offered the same information that you can find on the intranet or other applications, but it’s all brought together across different experiences like Teams, SharePoint, and soon Outlook and web experience as well. End users can work from whatever platform they like the most. The handy, ever-present Panel in LiveTiles Everywhere is the perfect way to bring all that information together, unifying and personalizing it for the user. 

Now the client’s staff can have instant access to all the information they need to do their job, whether it’s from Outlook, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, or more. 

This is a huge bonus for the client’s communications staff, giving them the chance to increase staff engagement on the information they share. 

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