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Sundt Construction

Sundt Construction Logo in White

Sundt Construction is one of the largest employee-owned construction companies in the United States. They are well respected and trusted across the United States for delivering projects across commercial, mining, power, water treatment, civil and transportation construction.

North America, United States

The Challenge

The main business pain point included an ineffective intranet with poor a user experience.

The Solution

An Intranet Transformation with LiveTiles Intelligent Workplace Platform.

The Result

An evolving intranet that is continuously transforming.

The Challenge

With more than $2.4 billion in project revenue in 2019 alone, Sundt recognized that its current workplace technology strategy needed an overhaul. Leadership knew they had to evolve their workplace collaboration technology to better support staff, improve business processes and invest more meaningful time in their customer relationships.

The focus for Sundt’s digital workplace transformation was the Sundt Management System (SMS), an intranet-based communications platform. The SMS plays a central role in Sundt’s operations and administrative functions as an extensive library of forms, templates, guidance documents and other references. It is maintained by the Sundt IT team and the Sundt Project Support Department, directed by Carla Collinge, which includes Sundt’s Project Management Office (PMO) and Continuous Improvement (CI) personnel. The SMS also houses third-party resources like confidential documentation and intellectual property belonging to Sundt’s clients.

Sundt Construction built the SMS “out of the box,” using Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365, but they found the lack of customization flexibility and functionality had a negative impact on user adoption and engagement.

The Sundt IT Team wanted to provide a tailored intranet experience for the company’s specific business and user needs. Wanting to democratize platforms for all users and reduce dependence on in-house IT support resources, Sundt invested in LiveTiles Intelligent Workplace Platform, which enabled the IT team to craft an engaging intranet experience.

The Solution

To assist Sundt with the implementation of LiveTiles technology and its overall SharePoint and communications strategy, Sundt was introduced to Microsoft and LiveTiles AI Spark technology systems integration partner CloudScale.

CloudScale is a systems integrator who is a leader in intranet communication, AI bot strategies and user experience design. CloudScale is a LiveTiles partner who leverages LiveTiles technology to help their joint customers transform their digital workplace.

Costigan says what sets his company apart is the time they invest in understanding their clients’ business drivers and pain points before they kick off any project.

Intranets and workplace platforms are ongoing, living, breathing investments that require regular attention to ensure they remain current and engaging.

Intranets and workplace platforms are ongoing, living, breathing investments that require regular attention to ensure they remain current and engaging.

Daughtrey said the project included three beta tests among 60 of Sundt’s staff across multiple locations and departments; this included engineers, superintendents and project executives.

Our people are having new experiences at work and on their projects using LiveTiles. We have empowered our people by giving them the autonomy to customize their digital experience as well as the ability to collaborate across projects and with their peers like they never have before.

The Result

After launching SMS 2.0 with the go-live date of January 1st, 2019, LiveTiles Intelligent Workplace Platform and Page Designer feature received positive user feedback company-wide.

CloudScale’s Director of User Experience, Patrick Worthington, agrees the Sundt team has embraced the transformation.


Sundt is also looking to leverage additional features of the LiveTiles Intelligent Workplace Platform to improve the portal experience for its own customers.

Sundt Construction’s transformation is ongoing, as it should be. An intranet is not a set and- forget project. If there’s a lesson behind Sundt’s experience for other companies, it’s to actively look to implement technology that will support their teams and business objectives today and in the future. With LiveTiles, the SMS is now is constantly enhanced with new digital workplace features.

With LiveTiles and CloudScale, Sundt Construction is achieving significant digital transformation, which has extended well beyond the original requirement.

Using LiveTiles Intelligent Workplace Platform, Sundt’s management system has become a powerful tool, not just for new content and data to support its business operations, but for the personal success of Sundt’s 2000+ staff.

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