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We are hiring! – Explore Careers at LiveTiles

We are hiring! – Explore Careers at LiveTiles

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LiveTiles EXP:

Your healthcare organization's employee directory, reimagined.

LiveTiles Directory is the game-changing healthcare employee app that helps frontline healthcare workers feel more empowered and better connected at work.

Create the Healthiest Organization of All with LiveTiles Directory

LiveTiles Directory is an all-in-one digital information tool that helps you connect with other members of your organization. LiveTiles Directory gives you quick access to up-to-date employee information such as organizational role, contact details, skills, and certifications.

Engage frontline employees

Reach your people with timely, engaging content with a modern experience.

Personalize content

Get user-generated content that will spark conversation and connection.

  • Powered by LiveTiles Reach, Directory ensures that everyone knows where to find the people they need when they need them

  • Keeps employee data private and accurate so mission-critical operations don’t break
  • Enables employees to provide their insights conveniently without paperwork through easy-to-use mobile access

  • Provides instant and convenient two-way interaction through Directory’s internal communications hub
  • Gives relevant content and resources that support healthcare workers in dealing with mental health issues through Directory’s portal for healthcare workers

  • Boosts employee experience by enabling collaboration through the app

Manufacturing going digital means manufacturing companies must find better ways to keep their frontline workers engaged. At the same time, new skills in technology such as employee skills in engineering and employee data science are now needed from frontline workers.

Healthcare Workers Directory for better employee engagement and collaboration

Deploying a digital employee experience platform for frontline healthcare workers creates genuine employee engagement and helps improve their mental and physical well-being.

  • Study shows that increasing healthcare workers’ engagement in their jobs helps alleviate their suffering and improve their employee experience.

  • Digitally connected frontline employees are reported to have lower turnover rates.

  • Keeping communication channels open among healthcare staff helps expedite processes and build community.

  • Better communication encourages less-friction teamwork, which helps healthcare personnel execute their tasks better.

Join other organizations that are changing the healthcare landscape through LiveTiles Directory.

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