Embed Rectangle Tiles and New Modal Windows

The new embed and embed rectangle tiles allow users to place any embeddable content onto their site. In the past, when users wanted to embed content onto the page, they would need to use the code snippet tool. That was the only way to add embeddable content straight onto the page. In addition, users were not be able to add embeddable content to modal windows or sliders without adding in HTML/CSS/JS.

Now, users are able to add in embeddable content to both the page and in a modal window by copying and pasting the embed URL and using the query options to control the height, width and other features, such as autoplay for videos and audio snippets.

Embed Rectangle Tiles and New Modal Windows
LiveTiles Product Designer, Todd Schutz, shares the details on the new modal windows:

“We have introduced a new type of modal windows. These new modal windows allow the user to be able to view content on the page without needing to have it framed by the SharePoint frame or the LiveTiles frame.”

Embed Rectangle Tiles and New Modal Windows

This frame is designed for responsive websites, as they will fit into the frameless dialog easily. Responsive websites can easily be iframed to appear in these modal windows. This also applies to our slider feature, as an alternative method. Modal windows allow the user to be able to view pages on a different website page without needing to actually leave the page they are on—most tiles in LiveTiles make use of this feature that optimizes page space.

LiveTiles Design is continually creating user-friendly features that ensure your users get the most out of both the user interface and user experience.

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