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Why LiveTiles Extranet?

Extranet is a site that enables an organization to provide partners, vendors, suppliers, or an authorized set of customers with secure, authenticated accessibility to information.

With LiveTiles Reach, you can build an intelligent experience platform that fulfills a variety of communication, collaboration, and process automation purposes. It is the best investment to build a strong external relationship for business growth. This means:

Single Source of Truth –Mitigates the risk of outdated documents and information being circulated 

Efficiency & Clarity – One-stop-shop for communications that are organized and searchable in ways that email isn’t 

Brand & Quality – Binds partners, suppliers and vendors to your brand and processes, leading to repeat engagement 

Security – Reduces the risk of sensitive information being deliberately or inadvertently shared with competitors  

Fraud Prevention – Mitigates the risk of supplier invoices being intercepted for fraudulent purposes  

Standard Capabilities


Business-to-customer identity as a service


Strict per user permissions control


News, calendar, event registration

Document management

Native or DMS connectors


Alignment with corporate identity


Location of expertise

Social & Chat

Streamlined non-email communications

Language Translations

Addressing global user scenarios

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CYCL Matchpoint (LiveTiles Hub) and Condense (LiveTiles Reach) are now a part of LiveTiles.
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