How cloud services can help you optimize digital marketing

The things we as humans can perceive is truly incredible. Colors, sound, motion; all of these sensory experiences convalescing in the hemispheres of our minds at a moment. So much so that we must filter most of it out, choosing unconsciously what will take precedence, lest we be absolutely overwhelmed and useless. I’m sure many of you out there in digital marketing can relate to feeling overwhelmed. In the world of the global free market and international business, it can be difficult to create a campaign that reaches a targeted demographic, or more pressingly, a campaign that can be adapted to different demographics. Luckily, the power of Cloud Services can change that.

Because of the immense computing power and availability of virtual machines provided by most cloud services, filtering large amounts of data and getting ahead of trends using predictive analytics is as simple as using an app. This allows digital marketers to create timely campaigns to target specific markets. More so, smaller scale businesses like local grocery stores can use the power of the cloud to store information about the produce they stock. Not only does this make restocking a cinch, but it allows them to boost the sales of perishable items that may not be selling that well with a targeted campaign.

Cloud services also give you the power to track your campaign across multiple regions and demographics pulling in data from edge and origin servers located around the world. Real-time access to numbers is half the battle to achieving agility in the digital age. The other half is adapting in accordance with the numbers. For that there’s LiveTiles Cloud.

LiveTiles Cloud is a zero touch digital solution that allows you to integrate the disparate solutions that make up the digital workplace in a vivid and intuitive manner. Because LT Cloud is powered by Microsoft’s powerful Azure service, it brings that power to your fingertips, allowing you to visualize data quickly and confer with fellow employees. This makes brainstorming and getting campaigns up and running easier. Also, LT Cloud lets you integrate social media feeds directly into your intranet, allowing you to better keep track of your digital brand and what your customers are saying. All this lets you make the most informed decision in the least amount of time.

But the real draw of the LiveTiles platform is its intuitiveness. Users can not only have access to data in real time, but gain this access through a visually engaging and easy to use digital workplace. This helps digital marketers save both time and stress. It helps you work smarter, not harder.

Ultimately, utilizing cloud services lets you optimize your productivity. When combined with the LiveTiles platform it lets you quickly aggregate data into more than just data. It lets you aggregate data into color, sound, and motion, presenting it to you and your

colleagues as an intuitive user experience. The real world is hectic enough. Your digital one shouldn’t be.

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