đź“Ł February 2024 Product Release: New Intranet AI Assistant, SharePoint Analytics, and More

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We are hiring! – Explore Careers at LiveTiles

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LiveTiles Hub

Intranet Software Tools

LiveTiles Intranet Hub provides intranet software tools to get you up and running quickly with an aggregating center for your digital workplace.

The intranet software tools that come with LiveTiles Hub, provide an appealing interface, easy access to all your content and collaboration tools, and serves as the core of your intelligent workplace.

Intranet Intelligent Business
Everything in one place

Business Intelligence Tools

Minimize having to switch between applications with the easy integration of third party tools


Intranet Collaboration and Governance
Governance tools

Intranet Collaboration and Governance

SharePoint and Microsoft 365 intranet governance and collaboration makes it easy to collaborate

Intranet Content Manager Tools
Design unique pages

Intranet Content Manager Tools

Easily manage and create new pages in your hub and intuitively arrange page layouts with the WYSIWYG editor.

Multilingual Intranet
Speak to all employees

Multilingual Intranet

Provide your global workforce with
language options within your intranet


Intranet target content

Intranet Content Targeting

Give your digital workplace
users targeted content 


All of your intranet software tools in one, easy to manage interface

LiveTiles Intranet Hub is an intranet in a box solution. It makes use of Search and Microsoft Graph. It can also surface content from across your entire Microsoft 365 instance and other cloud platforms. It gives you easy access to all your content and tools in an appealing user interface on any device.

Consider 80% of the conceptual work such as UI design, information architecture, and technical specification, done. The best experts in the market have already done this work and embedded the results into LiveTiles Intranet Hub, minimizing your risks in the implementation project.

Design and configure unique pages

Employ the widgets, page management, and configuration tools in LiveTiles Intranet Hub to design pages exactly how you want them.

Intranet in a Box from LiveTiles Hub Screenshot

The hub of your digital universe

LiveTiles Intranet Hub – your intranet in a box solution has been conceived and designed from a pure user perspective, adopting the digital workplace concept of reuniting communication, social collaboration, and knowledge-sharing on a single platform that can be provided in any work context.

LiveTiles Intranet Hub provides a rich feature set in a central portal leveraging the entire Office 365 platform that can be used by your employees on any device to interact with colleagues, collaborate, and share information.


The portal is modern and in line with the trend of standing up lightweight, pure Saas-based solutions to solve common challenges.


Futuristic problem-solving power

LiveTiles Hub solves fundamental problems in digital services integration and provides the most complete vision according to Gartner. We develop today what our customers need tomorrow.

  • Targeted content 
    Our metadata-based technologies provide a rich search index without management overhead and enable content targeting on semantic relations.
  • Speed and agility 
    Workspace templates are designed and governed by the admin, and can include unique news channels, metadata, project roles, and permission settings.

Brand, target, and configure with a few clicks

Our intuitive configuration framework allows admins to easily configure global settings.

Define the branding and targeting of pages, and control advanced settings like business rules, taxonomy, and content governance.

Branding and design

Build experiences that match your branding, and display content in the most user-friendly way for users across any device. Our UI configurator, logo, color, fonts, and shapes can be adapted to your needs with a few clicks.

Content targeting and multilingual capabilities

With our built-in content targeting, communications and content can be targeted and displayed differently to specific users and groups based on their language, role, department, location, or other criteria.

Configuration framework

Configuration of widgets, pages, site and page templates,  taxonomy, forms, and workflows, interactive charts, application logic, business rules, and content governance – everything is done in our unified configuration interface.

Create beautiful intranet pages

In-built options for the creation of branded and easy to use intranet content, making it simple for editors to get the job done.

Targeted content

Create content that is targeted and can be automatically viewed by the people who need to see it.

Leverage Microsoft 365

Use all the great features Microsoft 365 has to offer and integrate the tech with LiveTiles Hub.

Our experts have done the work for you

Manage, create, and arrange pages in a glimpse

Easily manage and create new pages in your hub and intuitively arrange page layouts with the WYSIWYG editor.

Modular page setup

With our page concept, non-technical users can easily edit and update pages by dragging and dropping pre-built blocks utilizing modular page building and in-context editing.

Quick access to page management

From the page portal, admins get an overview of all pages in the hub and quick access to create new pages and edit existing pages.

Intuitive WYSIWYG editor

Employ our WYSIWYG editor to quickly design page layouts and arrange content. As an admin, you design page layouts by arranging pages in one to four columns and placing widgets in different zones of the page.

Employ drag and drop to move widgets around. Drag to resize the height and width of widgets.

INtranet in a box Page Management with LiveTiles screenshots

Dynamic next gen communications

Content managers

  • Communicate through defined channels
  • Aggregate content from multiple cloud and on-prem repositories
  • Target content based on roles, location, device, and topics
  • Publish content on multiple platforms
  • Curate content from multiple sources
  • Easy to implement intranet in a box solution

Create excellent findability

Provide a clear overview of intranet content with global header and mega menu.

The header with accompanying fly-out mega menu provides people with a great overview to navigate intranet content and administrators with an intuitive tool to control navigation.

Four-level mega menu

Employ the global header with fly-out mega menu and access to search to provide people with direct and organized access to content. 

WYSIWYG editor for administrators

An edit icon is available for administrators, enabling direct editing of the menu content. Items can be added, removed, renamed, rearranged, dragged and dropped, and more. All done directly in the context of the view.

Multilingual navigation

Ensure navigation is available in users’ preferred language. As an admin, you can add translations in the context of the menu. Untranslated items are marked to editors with an asterisk, ensuring menu items aren’t missed in the translation process. 

Mobile-friendly navigation

On smartphones the navigation contains the same items as the desktop version presented in a mobile-friendly menu.
Intranet content search and navigation screen examples
Page Designer Intranet

Reveal your intranet's hidden beauty


Deliver pages, portals, and dashboards with the consumer-grade design quality employees have come to expect from enterprise software. Use the 70+ preconfigured tiles across a drag-and-drop WYSIWYG canvas. The Page Designer tool allows you to completely control the look and feel of your intranet.

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