LiveTiles Intranet is a powerful and flexible platform that enables you to create an engaging user experience for your employees. It’s like a digital dashboard, with everything you need to get things done in one place. It has grown a lot since we first launched it and we’ve made some exciting updates: 

What’s new?

Right-to-Left Language Support 

We’re excited to announce that LiveTiles Intranet now supports right-to-left languages, making it easier than ever for users in areas where written language flows from right to left to use our product. We’ve made the necessary changes so that the needs of our users in different parts of the world can be met without any problems. 

Manage Channel Subscriptions from Reach Events Web Part 

Our latest release of the Reach News Web Part has been upgraded — users can now manage their Channels using the Reach Events Web Part. This makes the way things work more consistent and easier to use. Plus, for customers who only use Reach for events, it makes their workflow even easier by putting all their channel management in one place. 

What’s improved? 

LiveTiles Intranet Resilience

We have enhanced the resilience of LiveTiles intranet to bolster our capabilities and expedite swift deployments in large organizations. Additionally, we have upgraded our connection management process and implemented comprehensive monitoring to promptly identify and address any issues.

These are great improvements for users who use LiveTiles Intranet extensively. Not only will they be able to install Reach –parts from the Marketplace, but they will also be able to slash through the clutter that comes with managing all of their channels. This integration offers more control, while at the same time simplifying what was previously a tedious task. 

If you haven’t had the chance to try LiveTiles Intranet yet, definitely give it a whirl. It’s a great way to keep your team up to date in one place. There are many ways to use it— as a communication channel for your daily work activities, a locale for publicizing documents, or just another place where project members can go for quick information.

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