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Introducing livetiles’ new VIVA connections cards for sharepoint and teams

Daniel Costa

Imagine the convenience of accessing the most vital features of your LiveTiles Intranet, not only through the dashboard but also without even having to leave Microsoft Teams. Sounds like an efficient, time-saving solution, right?

Leveraging its seamless integration with SharePoint and Microsoft Teams, LiveTiles introduces a new collection of VIVA Connections cards. These cards aim to provide a more personalized and productive user experience and reduce app-switching time.

New LiveTiles Reach VIVA Cards

One of the standout features of this new integration is the addition of LiveTiles Reach’s VIVA Connection cards. Designed with modern workplace dynamics in mind, LiveTiles Reach was crafted to bridge the communication gap and unite your workforce, regardless of their location—be it in a traditional office setting or on the frontline. 

These new Reach VIVA cards bring a paradigm shift in the way collaboration and engagement occur within your workspace. They embody a leap from simple communication towards a comprehensive, interactive experience that resonates with every member of your organization. 

No matter where your team members are positioned, the Reach VIVA cards ensure that they are an integral part of the communication loop. This inclusivity bolsters your team’s collaboration potential and engagement, transforming your workspace into a lively hub of ideas, interactions, and innovation.  

Let’s dive into the new LiveTiles Reach’s VIVA Connection cards and see how they can transform your workspace:

News Card 

The News card is a powerful new addition that seamlessly integrates Reach’s news and announcements directly into the Microsoft VIVA Dashboard. This provides users with the most relevant and up-to-date information, precisely where they are. 

It helps reduce the need for toggling between different apps, allowing users to stay focused and maintain productivity. This component ensures that users are always in the loop, fostering a well-informed and engaged workforce that is crucial to any thriving organization. 

VIVA Connection Cards, Livetiles Reach

Events Timeline card 

Experience a new approach to managing and tracking events within your organization. This enhancement compiles all key events occurring across the company from LiveTiles Reach, showcasing them in a user-friendly chronological format. No more stress about missing vital meetings or occurrences.

This card ensures you’re always in the loop and current, accessible from your VIVA dashboard as well. 

VIVA Connection Cards, Livetiles Reach

Office Locations card 

Last, but certainly not least, is the Office Locations card. In today’s world of teams spread across different locations, it’s absolutely vital to have all the key information about your organization’s various office sites.

This card allows you to effortlessly access details about every office, making inter-office communication a breeze and supercharging the productivity of remote work. 

VIVA Connection Cards, Livetiles Reach

Office Locations card 

But that’s not all! There’s also the Weather card. As simple as it sounds, it’s an invaluable tool to start your day. A quick glance at the daily weather report helps you plan your day effectively.

Be it scheduling a meeting, planning your commute, or organizing an event, this card will keep you updated with real-time weather conditions.  

VIVA Connection Cards, Livetiles Reach

People and Search Card 

Recognizing the importance of a connected workforce, we have introduced the People Search card. This card is your directory on the go, helping you find the right person at the right time. Looking for an expert in a particular domain? Or searching for a colleague’s contact information?

The People Search card makes these tasks effortless, right from your Microsoft VIVA Dashboard.  

VIVA Connection Cards, Livetiles Reach

LiveTiles fosters engagement and collaboration, everywhere within the Microsoft environment

These new VIVA Connections cards offer more than just convenience. They promise to transform your digital workspace into a more dynamic, productive, and user-centric environment. It’s about offering a personalized experience that matches the unique needs and workflow of every individual in your organization. 

The VIVA Connections cards for SharePoint and Teams will be available for all customers, later this month. For more information, you can dive into more details in our technical documentation right here. 

Not a customer yet? Schedule a demo of LiveTiles to see how you can build a digital workplace that connects your workforce, reduces complexity, and helps you leverage your investment in M365.  

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