LiveTiles and Microsoft Increase Collaboration in the Digital Workplace

One of the central themes of the future of SharePoint is an increase in file sharing and collaboration. As mentioned in the presentation of SharePoint 2016, the idea is to “Bring more context and content that is relevant for the work place.” It’s considered one of the pillars of SharePoint 2016. One way to increase sharing in a digital workplace is by building a “mobile first approach to content collaboration,” according to Microsoft. There also needs to be assurance that digital accessed-anywhere information is secure.

An important part of Microsoft’s collaboration strategy is drawing the boundaries for the groups so that files are shared with the people they are meant for. It’s been said that “Work groups are the building blocks of organizations” (Hill and Anteby). One of the ways to foster work groups is by creating a clearly defined space for interaction and sharing. Office 365 is rife with sharing functionalities, from OneNote to Yammer and Delve document solutions. The new SharePoint 2016 has a built-in warning to offer an extra check before something is shared. Users can feel secure that what they share isn’t going somewhere it shouldn’t be.

LiveTiles and microsoft increase collboration in the digital workplace

SharePoint Intranet made with LiveTiles Design

LiveTiles supports successful work group formation and teamwork by making SharePoint simple through LiveTiles Design, Build and Blueprint. A recent feature in the area of permissions is our lockable tiles. This keeps the special permissions at the desired settings without needing to go to each individual tile and group.

LiveTiles has also made sharing and collaboration easy through assigning customized permissions to groups. We have also rolled out a People Search tile, to make finding collaborators practically effortless. Digital workplace groups can find each other, decide what to share, make changes and communicate through a variety of mediums (Skype, email, Yammer, etc.).

Why are permissions given such importance, both in Microsoft and LiveTiles products? Another question is, what is so valuable about working in groups? While there are business benefits that include generating a wider range of ideas, motivation, viewing common progress and delegating responsibilities, there are also personal and social benefits that are recognized by business leaders (Belcher). It comes down to relationship building, and making the team stronger on a personal level. To do that, a digital workplace community needs to be built.

Psychologist David McMillan’s well-known “Sense of Community” theory lists several qualities that define communities.  First among them is “a setting and an audience to express unique aspects of our personality” (315).  Another signifier of community is the ability of members to “represent their feelings to others” (316). Boundaries are logistical settings that separate member from non-member, these provide a feeling of “safety” (317).  Then, there is a “sense of belonging,” and the acceptance of the member by the group (317). In order to affirm one’s place in a community, there is a need to contribute in some way (318). To meet these objectives, people need a space where they feel they are part of a group that doesn’t necessarily include anyone who comes along. And they need to be open to bond with group members in a way that they wouldn’t be in a more public space.

Whether it’s intranet-based or project management related, the intuitive LiveTiles user interface (UI) brings SharePoint’s capabilities to you. Create a community, share and bond with group members, and seize the benefits of collaboration for your enterprise space.


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