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We at LiveTiles are finding technology needs (and solutions) in industries you wouldn’t always think of as software industries. Virtually every type of organization can benefit from collaboration, teamwork and increased employee engagement. It then follows that software that brings these benefits through easy social intranets, the latest project management tools and new cloud-based applications would be an ideal use of IT resources. An increased reliance on technology can occur in a disruptive and unplanned manner, as the arrival of Netflix spelled the end of the brick and mortar movie rental business. Or, it can also happen more naturally, where the physical market follows technology, as in the case of Amazon opening up brick and mortar stores to support their online presence.

The question is, what impact is technology having on the $217 trillion dollar global real estate industry? Every day, we see traditional methods being used to move houses: newspapers, word of mouth, and yard signs are all in the mix. Even so, there are many more buyers and sellers switching to new ways of doing business. The National Association of Realtors reports that in 2016, 95% of all homebuyers used the internet in their home search, compared to 2 percent in 1995. The low numbers in 1995 make sense, since the internet was still on a dial up connection and loading a single picture could take a considerable length of time. CNN Money adds that real estate agents are beginning to use new tools, such as virtual reality and 3D viewings.

The increased capabilities of mobile phones is also playing into the real estate market. Agents no longer need to carry around a laptop for information or documents. Now, they have everything they need at their fingertips. It’s not just a matter of convenience. Forbes points out that commercial owners and brokers need to have access to real-time market data in order to succeed in the highly competitive industry. The advent of cloud storage is another key factor driving change. With the option of the using the cloud, real estate agents can do more work remotely, from any location, at any time. There are many apps and mobile-friendly websites that real estate agents can use to be successful in their jobs. A list of these resources  directs us to Zillow, Mortgage Calculator, Vert, Cam Scanner, Dropbox, and Sign Easy. These tools offer quick access to information and statistics, easy and secure storage of documents and simple sign-ons. LiveTiles has a responsive digital design canvas that makes it simple to prepare your site for laptop, desktop, tablet or phone. As the real estate market increasingly turns to the internet and seeks interaction by mobile device, any technologically advanced firm or team can be prepared to meet it. Property management systems can also be used to rent properties, stay on top of accounting, process payments, manage keycards and generally run a real estate business. When it comes to technology and the real estate market, selling the house is just the beginning.

There are other opportunities for those who are using advanced business technologies to thrive, especially in the area of HR management software. The Washington Post highlights the substantial challenges for the industry in this area. First, there are untrained agents impacting the perception of professional real estate agents, and there are also many agents who are trained, but poorly. A human resource management system can have a big impact on employee training,  employee onboarding and the overall success of the employee. HR management software can be integrated into the LiveTiles designer, addressing these, the most serious problems in the real estate industry today. Property management systems and HR management software would be especially helpful in cities like Seattle, where it’s a seller’s market. Reach out to LiveTiles and tighten up your human resource system while using our designer to integrate everything you need for new and existing employee training.

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