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LiveTiles Product Release Notes: Pissarro 12

In preparation for the Holiday season, we’re sending out this week’s product release a week earlier. The highlights of Pissarro 12 include Episode 4 of LiveTiles Insider, 1 major new feature, 2 usability improvements and 4 bug fixes. Check it out!

LiveTiles Insider:

We’re excited to present LiveTiles Insider, an exclusive web series about the Intelligent Workplace.

In this week’s episode, LiveTiles’ Product Marketing Manager Chris Lukianenko highlights the benefits of our new Saved Sections feature.

Watch the fourth episode below:

1 Major Feature:

We’re excited to present Saved Sections, which enables users to tackle some form of master page control for globally relevant page elements – (HEADER: Logo, Navigation, Search, Other) and (FOOTER).

This is essential for the scalability of the application, since it will save customers seeking a global style change from having to make edits to pages and templates on a page-by-page basis. Instead, a change can now be made in the Saved Section instead, and it will update on all pages where it is referenced.

This functionality can also be used elsewhere on pages for repeatable sections that need to be maintained in one central location.

It can be accessed in the Design canvas where there is a new ribbon item called ‘Sections,’ next to ‘Rows and ‘Tiles.’ From here, the design experience is similar to the experience for pages, apart from a few limitations that do not apply to sections.

2 Usability Improvements:
  • The List Tile has been improved to honor SharePoint view such as filtering and sorting that is applied to the underlying list. Previously, the items in the list defaulted to alphabetical order when displayed in the List Tile, but with this change, it will now adhere to the filtering and sorting in SharePoint.
  • Since the roll-out of support for nested AD groups when setting permissions based on a SharePoint group, we have seen some edge-cases of behavior not being as expected, mostly for admin users. To improve the overall experience, and give more power to the user, we have added a check box to the tile settings. This setting, labelled “Check Nested Groups by View Membership Permission,” allows a user to specify whether they want to use AD groups for tile-based targeting. By default, this is set to TRUE, thus interrogating AD groups when checking membership.

Pissarro 12

4 Bug Fixes:
People Search Tile – Default Frameless Modal Style Opens as Framed Until Frameless is Clicked The People Search Tile didn’t open as a Frameless modal window, as per the default settings. It opened in a Framed modal instead. To fix this, a user had to open the tile settings and click on Frameless. This has now been fixed.
Content Tile – Initializing CKEditor First and Using Content Tile Second Caused Page Crash There was an issue with the CKEditor associated with the Content Tile, where a page crash would occur when a user opened the tile settings, and after that tried to edit the content using the built in CKEditor. This has now been fixed.
List Tile – Calculated Column Field with the Display Set to Date Caused Crash Creating a column in a SharePoint list that contains the calculated column field with a display set to Date and Time would cause a crash within the List Tile on the designer canvas and the end user page. This has now been fixed.
News Tile – Checking the Show Only Items From Today Onward Box Eliminates Filtering When the “Show Only Items From Today Onward” checkbox was checked on the News Tile, any custom filtering wouldn’t be applied. This has now been fixed.

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