LiveTiles Product Release Notes: Pissarro 6

This week’s Pissarro 6 product release includes the release of our new List Tile and 1 bug fix. Check it out!

1 New Tile:

We are happy to announce the release of a new List Tile. It can be pointed to any type of list in SharePoint, and retrieves column data based on a selected view. Features included are:

  1. Multiple columns
  2. Column labels
  3. Filtering of items based on selection of column metadata properties
  4. API-based searching –works well with large lists
  5. Dynamically retrieves additional items as needed
  6. Provides a detail view when an item is clicked

More features to the List Tile will be added in upcoming releases.

1 Bug Fix:

Web Part – Tile Cuts Off Left Edge When Filtering A bug was encountered when using the filter on the Web Part tile. The filter dialog would get cut off on the left edge. This has now been fixed.

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