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LiveTiles SharePoint Seurat 4 Product Release Notes

LiveTiles SharePoint Seurat 4 Product Release Notes


Documents tile – Add ability to change the title The Documents tile has previously used the filename of the document as the title of the tile. This functionality has now been expanded to allow the user to manually change the title of the tile.


Bug Fixes

My List error in console for undefined “isDisabled” tile config We have fixed the display of console errors on the undefined optional config for the My List tile.
Dropbox integration deprecation Dropbox has deprecated their services which affected the integration with them.
Add Web Part tile – Certain characters don’t display appropriately in end user Badly encoded special characters are now overwritten in the Web Part tile title.
Side menu – Uncaught type error causing page not to load Fixed the side menu conflicts encountered due to no null check in security inquiry for groups.
Tile visibility is missing Fixed showing of tile visibility control when group names are not found.
Documents tile console errors on empty list We have fixed Documents tile console errors caused when the document library is not found.
All tiles – Leaving blank fields for height/width and saving the page causes the tile to still be on the page without loading Added validation for minimum height and width settings.
Page template – Saving a duplicate name causes a loop Saving a template with the same name as an existing template will prompt an overwrite confirmation for the user.
Cloud Documents Internet Explorer – Multiple Cloud Documents causes random tiles not to load When placing multiple Cloud Document tiles on a page, they will now display as expected in the end user view.
Landing page – Filtering doesn’t filter Content Pages The landing page now filters content pages when a filter is applied.
News List tile – Doesn’t follow Order By settings Changing the “Order By” options in the News List tile now works as expected.


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