LiveTiles, TSG, and Microsoft workshop: Embrace Digital transformation for Frontline workers

At this point, no business or industry has escaped digital disruption. But for Frontline workers, the digital (and intelligent) transformation goes a bit differently.


Instead of an office worker who can easily get at apps and services friendly to desktop devices, Frontline workers need highly specific information and resources in the field, factory, and everywhere in between. Frontline workers could also be accessing these tools from any kind of device – tablet, smartphone, or beyond.


So, in Frontline -heavy industries like manufacturing and engineering, how are the digital and intelligent transformations making their way down to all aspects of the business? Not just the corporate offices, but the factory floor, supply chain operations, and beyond?


LiveTiles, TSG, and Microsoft are hosting a free technology workshop in London on 12th April 2018 to explore how to improve communication and productivity through the Microsoft Modern Workplace – leveraging digital tools and platforms like StaffHub, Teams, Yammer and PowerApps—for frontline workers in the manufacturing and engineering sector.


Featuring sessions by a Microsoft industry expert, LiveTiles Futurist George Muir (formerly from IKEA), and more, the workshop promises to be an engaging and productive event to understand how an organization can empower their Frontline workers with powerful solutions.


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