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LiveTiles Directory gives you real-time access to up-to-date employee information

Get to know your people by automating the entire collection of personnel data. Create a rich skills people finder complete with role-based content targeting and effective process automation.

Looking to connect with other members of your team but don’t know how?

LiveTiles Directory is an all-in-one digital information tool that helps you connect with other members of your organization. LiveTiles Directory gives you quick access to up-to-date employee information such as organizational role, contact details, skills, and certifications.

At LiveTiles, we believe that good collaboration is key to unlocking your company's full potential.

That’s why we built LiveTiles Directory, a platform that provides real-time access to internal employees’ up-to-date contact details and other relevant information.

Directory enables better collaboration because it surfaces skills and certification data, so you know who is good at what. This is especially helpful for mega-corporations with dispersed workforces who may be in the field, on the manufacturing floor, or in the corporate office.

Ensure your company directory remains up to date with LiveTiles Directory


The LiveTiles Directory assistant continuously monitors directories for inconsistent, invalid, aged, and missing profile information.


Reports are generated to admins and users are contacted, either via personalized email workflow requests or a chatbot conversation, to update missing or incorrect profile information.

The collected user information is written back to directories. For online deployments, as Azure is updated, other Microsoft 365 experiences such as SharePoint, Delve, Teams, and Exchange Online/Outlook are updated through the standard Microsoft synchronization process.

Connecting HR systems to the active Directory

Connectors for HR systems allow profile data to flow to AD, ADP and Microsoft 365 without the user needing to update their data in multiple places.

Streamline collaboration efforts with our easy-to-use company direct software:

Employee Finder

Save time by using the active people directory to find people in different departments, via their roles.

LiveTiles Directory and data

Create reports from the data collected in the active Directory to make sure employee information is up-to-date.

Include company branding

Create branded, customized internal content for employees in the Active Directory and with communications.

Automate people profiles

Reduce manual work by automating the collection and maintenance of people profiles.

System improvements

Improve IT responsiveness and delivery.

Unlock the value across Microsoft 365

With Directory, you can have role-based content targeting, unlock opportunities for greater personalization, and empower workflows that involve certain people taking action. Directory helps connect people in your organization with the right colleagues.

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