Microsoft & LiveTiles: How to be a SharePoint designer easily

So often as we focus on the decisions it takes to effectively lead a company, we overlook the simplicity of engaging in proper communications with our coworkers and employees. However, Microsoft and LiveTiles partner together to demonstrate how to build and maintain an intranet that facilitates a more effective communication and transparent culture. On Monday, April 3rd at 2pm CET, Tolani Olagbaju, LiveTiles’ Partner Sale Manager for EMEA, and Microsoft team up to demonstrate how easy it is to design a SharePoint intranet without technical support. As a novice SharePoint designer you can connect with colleagues, share and store information, while breaking down information silos. Your new status as a citizen developer creates a more transparent culture as you implement systems for easy communication between senior management and all employees.

Design SharePoint Intranets without technical support

In the past, only IT departments could build and upgrade intranet design and workspaces, but with LiveTiles’ grab ‘n’ drop UI, YOU are able to quickly change and update your SharePoint intranet. You may be thinking that an intranet you can design yourself won’t have all the functionality of a traditional SharePoint, but  LiveTiles Chief Architect Erik Ralston points out that, “LiveTiles gives you the ultimate in flexibility, adaptability and ease of use in digital design.” The below screenshot showcases a SharePoint site made by and for a Real Estate Marketing department. As you can see, the benefit of giving each department head the tools to create their own site means each department can tailor their workspace, or digital experience platform, to their individual needs.
Microsoft & LiveTiles: How to be a SharePoint designer easily

SharePoint storage without information silos

Many people have shunned SharePoint intranets and storage options in the past, because information hasn’t always been so easy to share or navigate, creating silos of documents and libraries unknown and untapped by the rest of an organization. With sites built by the people who use them, LiveTiles makes it easier and more convenient to collaborate on docs, lists, and libraries. CEOs and department heads alike are able to communicate more easily through social intranets like Yammer. Not only is it easy to have a company wide chat, but also an inter-department chat or project-based chat; these chat feeds can be embedded directly into any SharePoint page. The screenshot below features a few ways to receive feedback and communicate new ideas on your digital experience platform.
Microsoft & LiveTiles: How to be a SharePoint designer easily

Microsoft – LiveTiles webinar

So if you’re curious about SharePoint design, as a citizen developer or how to make your IT department do their work more quickly, register for the joint Microsoft-LiveTiles webinar here. If your company blog receives very little feedback, perhaps it hasn’t been easy enough for employees and coworkers to provide that feedback; the Microsoft-LiveTiles webinar will show you how to change that, and how to empower the voice(s) of your company.

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