Solutions by LiveTiles

Neon Circle

Human Connection, Intelligent Workplace

Your own full turnkey, customizable intranet-in-a-box—designed specifically to build trust and maximize employee engagement.

Unbox a Personalized Intranet

Neon Circle provides both a turnkey and customizable solution, enabling brand personalization while maintaining powerful baked-in functionality.  

But it’s more than an intranet – it is a shared employee experience connecting colleagues on an emotional level and building strong networks of trust across an organization. 

Freedom to Customize

Brand, personalize and tweak your intranet-in-a-box without sacrificing a quick, simple deployment for a lower price.

Build Trusted Peer Networks

Empower employees to easily connect and engage through social features, intelligent staff and skills search, boosting productivity while building more interpersonal networks.

AI-Facilitated Onboarding

Ensure new staff are welcomed aboard quickly, completely and effectively through seamless AI-powered functionality.

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