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Part of what makes organizations function so well derives from the data they gather, which measures their performance. It provides more insight into what a company is excelling in and also displays where they may have downfalls.

Data collection allows companies to hone in on the most important aspects of their business and is important to include in your business plan.

Expert: Alex Gerontianos
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“Power BI is a highly accessible platform for gaining insights into all of the data that organizations collect. Business intelligence allows your organization to surface your data in a meaningful way, providing people with actionable reports that they can then share those reports with people.”

There are platforms which you can use to collect and present data in a visually stunning display across computers, mobile and tablets. Most notably is Power BI. Alex believes that Power BI provides an incredibly simple platform that anyone can use. It allows for anyone to create interactive and informative dashboards within minutes or hours, instead of relying on the owners of the data to send reports to you.

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Alex provides some more perspective on the importance of connecting your data from all data sources. His view is that many organizations have their data scattered across different platforms making it tedious to efficiently keep track of all necessary data. For example, organizations will use CRM software for client management, POS systems and various other database software which creates some confusion when attempting to use the data.

With Power BI, any organization can connect these different sets of data and run reports across the entirety of its data. As an example, one company Power BI worked with was able to connect their sales data to their marketing data using Power BI.

So is Power BI trailblazing a new trend? It would definitely appear so. Alex and his team are seeing Power BI being used in more and more companies that want to be able to gather actionable insights without investing a large amount of resources into software and training. They’ve seen this especially from their smaller clients who would not have been able to delve into the world of Business Intelligence without Microsoft’s Power BI.

With Power BI, companies are able to start publishing reports within hours instead of days or weeks. Consolidating and organizing data is rapidly becoming the new trend in business intelligence, benefiting industry professionals and helping efficient forecasting and real-time data.

About Alex Gerontianos:
SharePoint Practice Lead, Gerontianos analyzes and implements SharePoint structure and governance strategies focused on providing a platform for businesses to take advantage and grow off of.

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