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Intranet Accessibility

Intranet accessibility ensures everyone in your organization is able to use your intranet easily

Meeting the principles of intranet accessibility means all users benefit from content being clearly represented and accessible via keyboard navigation. Accessibility is a vital factor when you are designing an intranet with users’ needs in mind.​

Intranet accessibility LiveTiles example

Accessible Intranet
Content & Navigation

LiveTiles’ Intranet Enterprise is designed to meet principles of accessibility making the intranet usable for everyone.

  • We meet design principles of accessibility like contrasting colors and adhere to the accessibility features of Microsoft’s technology.
  • Content and navigation modules provides full accessibility for screen readers.
  • Navigation modules like the LiveTiles’ Everywhere Panel and the Mega Menu allows for keyboard navigation.

In some countries it is a legal requirement to make sure of intranet accessibility for all users. It is also best practice to create an intranet where everybody can read or listen to the content and stay informed on company news, ensure compliance through policies and  procedures and generally be involved in the day to day digital workplace.

Planning for intranet accessibility

We provide automated solutions for intranet accessibility. It is still a good idea to research your user groups and make sure you have covered all you need, to ensure a good user experience.

A guide from the UK Government outlines the following as a good starting point.

  1.  Check your intranet or mobile app for accessibility problems.
  2. Make a plan to fix any accessibility problems you find, within reason.
  3. Publish your accessibility statement.
  4. Make sure new features are accessible.

Once you have determined accessibility needs, it’s also important to remember to train the people who are going to be editing and updating your intranet or digital workplace platform.

It doesn’t take much to create a quick guide page on your intranet, outlining steps to take when creating content. You can also record a short video, or hold an intranet accessibility workshop, to help get people involved.

Intranet accessibility for all with LiveTiles

Making a website or mobile app accessible means making sure it can be used by as many people as possible..... Including people with impaired vision, motor difficulties, cognitive impairments or learning disabilities, deafness or impaired hearing.

No one gets left behind

With the LiveTiles Everywhere solution, intranet accessibility is built into the product. This ensures you can be compliant and that your users, no matter their needs, can do their work and feel included.

Including all of your workforce, enables people who might not have had the ability, to perform their day-to-day tasks without being frustrated. it also gives them a sense of belonging to an organisation that cares about their well being. This, in turn, makes for a happy place to work, from anywhere, and with anybody.

Two men working together

Descriptive Links

By providing descriptive links, you are letting people know what the link is about. this helps them determine if the link should be clicked and is more intuitive for users.

Image Descriptions

Including image descriptions makes it easier for people to understand complex images, or images that can not readily be defined, adding to the intranet user experience.

Colour Contrast Options

Using high contrast colours makes it easier for people to navigate your intranet. Offering an option for intranet users to be able to change the colours themselves can also be beneficial.

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