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We are hiring! – Explore Careers at LiveTiles

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Intranet Collaboration and Governance

Intuitively provision workspaces at the same time as you meet the need for intranet collaboration and governance.

LiveTiles’ Workspaces module enables seamless provisioning and governance of workspaces within SharePoint and Teams.​ Create collaboration landing pages or hubs employing our selection of collaboration web parts and tools.

Workspace provisioning
and governance

Streamlining the creation and governance of collaboration spaces bridges the workspace experiences across Teams and SharePoint​.

Collaboration spaces for all 

From Project rooms, extranets, communities of practice, ideation sites, subject matter spaces, department sites, committee rooms, and more. Including advanced features for governance and provisioning, the Workspaces module is designed to support all types of enterprise collaboration.

Design workspaces for each business purpose

As an admin, you design and govern templates for different types of workspaces. Include unique news channels, metadata, project roles, and permission settings.

Bridge the workspace experience across Teams and SharePoint

A central workspace hub unites the creation of collaboration spaces based on teams and sites. Users get a full, searchable, and filterable overview of workspaces across Classic SharePoint, Modern SharePoint, and Teams.

Intranet governance

The intelligence function also serves new and tailored content to those who actually need to see it, and maintains a flexible and centralised information point.

Collaboration web parts and tools

Create collaboration landing pages or hubs employing our selection of collaboration web parts and tools.

Workspace communication channel

Create a news channel for specific workspaces that mirrors workspace permission settings.

Quick access to important workspaces

Feature workspaces favored by the user for quick access.

Overview of workspaces

Configurable overview web part including advanced search and filtering options enables users to get an overview of all workspaces across SharePoint and Teams and find specific workspaces by search.

Enhanced findability ​

Metadata filtering enables you to instantly retrieve an overview of workspaces sorted on specific criteria.
Collaboration Workspaces

Intranet collaboration and governance can be streamlined with Workspaces

Keep workforce compliance simple

Corporate compliance sets clear expectations for employee behavior and helps operations ​run steadily.​ Ensure employees have easy access to business-critical information with LiveTiles’ features for delivering accurate instructions and keeping track of compliance.

How can I get an overview of the intranet content and governance in workspaces?

The central workspace hub can be accessed from SharePoint or in the LiveTiles’ Everywhere Panel across SharePoint and MS Teams. From here, users get a full, searchable, and filterable overview of workspaces across Classic SharePoint, Modern SharePoint, and Teams.

Intranet Governance

Ensuring intranet governance is now more important than ever in today's digital workplace. LiveTiles has taken this into account and listened to our users to ensure an optimal system can be used

Intranet Collaboration

Enabling your workforce to collaborate with ease and pithing your organisations set intranet governance rules becomes easy with the LiveTiles Intranet platform

Making it easy for employees

Everyone is busy and with the LiveTiles Intranet collaboration and governance measures we have taken, we make it even easier to ensure employee compliance

The importance of intranet collaboration and governance

Intranet and digital workplace governance might be a dry topic, but it is an essential ingredient for a successful intranet or digital workplace. Governance can loosely be defined as the collection of structures, roles, processes, policies, rules, standards and other elements which make your intranet and digital workplace run successfully  every day. It also gives your platform strategic direction. Without some form of governance framework in place, an intranet or digital workplace will become chaotic, messy, unadopted and untrusted by employees.

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