LiveTiles Quantum

Take a quantum leap forward

Transport your business into the future

LiveTiles Quantum is the space-age tool kit you need for powerful business insights.

Quantum’s modules are driven by artificial intelligence, giving you the power to optimize your digital workplace by connecting data from multiple applications.

Drive your entire workplace experience by data, context, and user behaviour, intelligent employee profiling, and business modelling. Provide automation and support to facilitate daily routines and increase productivity.

Get actionable insights into how your solutions are being used and make data-driven decisions to improve user experiences and content.

  • Vibe
  • Analytics
  • Bots
  • Directory

You decide the Vibe

Customize your Vibes from a template library. Choosing the right Vibe is easy. Visit the template library and find the Vibe that is most likely to give you the feedback you want to capture from your audience.
Before sending out the Vibe, give your Vibe a name that is identifiable by the data you want to capture, select the channels you want to send it to, and set automatic scheduling of future Vibes. It’s that easy.
You’re free to make any changes to the Vibes you create. Edit the name, the channels to send it to, and the scheduling whenever you like. Need something specialized? We can create a custom Vibe built to your requirements.

Activate your Vibes

Send your Vibes to your desired Microsoft Teams channels. Once you install the Vibes Team tab application, you can post Vibes to any public channel within the Team. Microsoft Teams will notify users of the Vibe so they can respond directly through the chat by commenting directly into the input boxes, checking radio buttons, and hitting submit. Feedback can be gathered from users directly through the channel chat, so there is no need for redirects outside Teams.

Turn feelings into facts

View Vibe data through the graphical interface. Say goodbye to boring, dense data. Vibe response insights are easy to understand. Visualize helpful metrics such as total responses across given date ranges, as well as the daily average responses across the channels in the relevant Microsoft Team.

Hotter than the sun

On-page heatmaps for web parts and tiles. Use the heatmapping functionality to gauge usage across your web 
parts and tiles on pages by color and percentage scoring. The heatmaps are active over a rolling seven day period before refreshing. These visual insights allow page owners and creators to constantly rework designs and content based on real time user data. Redesign your pages based on real data to maximise effective usage and improve your intranet experience.

Next-level insights

Keep your page views high and increase your active users. Understand how your web pages are being used. View page insights in conjuction with the heatmapping to understand how active the pages are, and what devices or platforms the usage is coming from. 

 Understanding the page usage data will allow page owners and creators
to maxmise user experience across all devices.

Peer into the Portal…

Dive into the dedicated analytics portal. The Analytics Portal is dedicated to provide deeper and richer page
analytics across the entire SharePoint Online environment.

View a
 catalog of pages with assigned engagement scores based on deeper insights from page views, to usage broken down by departments and devices.

Increase your desired date range to view this data across any given time frame to assess analytical page trends shown through graphical displays.

Utilise key data such as unique sessions and users, common browsers, and page views by time of day to continuously refine your user intranet experience.


Create your robot army

Boring work? Give it to a bot. Built on the Microsoft Azure Bot Framework, the LiveTiles Bot Lab is an intuitive web-based tool giving orgnizations the power to easily build, test, and deploy conversational AI assistants. It takes just minutes to create a branded Bot. Train your Bots with handy skills like Meetings, Search, Q and A, and the ability to connect to Microsoft’s Power Automate. Automate your mundane and repetitive tasks, minimize errors, and get time to focus on what’s important.

Channel-surfing bots

Deploy your Bot to various channels. No coding to APIs necessary. Simply fill out the required data on the provided fields, and let us do the rest.

Publishing your bot to various channels lets your employees and customers to make use of the conversation AI from different experiences. Using the built-in permission model, secure your Bot, or allow it to be used by everyone. Use the WebChat to embed your bot in intranets, extranets, and even websites. 

Building on existing chat-based software, our Bots can also be deployed to Facebook Messenger and Microsoft teams.

Bot headquarters

Manage your robot army from one location. Keep the troops organized on the Bot Lab homepage. Manage all your Bots, save unfinished or untrained Bots, or unpublish your Bots that are in use to make the necessary changes and updates. Easily modify and evolve your Bots to match the changing needs of the business.

The hype is real

Keep employee details up-to-date with Hyperbot. With a built in email service, LiveTiles Directory will actively communicate
with users through the Hyperbot, asking for updates to missing or incorrect profile information. That means a whole lot of emails and data entry are no longer anyone’s task, freeing up staff to focus on more important work. Customize the name and personality of your Hyperbot with three
different options, tailoring your communication emails for each through
the available templates, as well as scheduled profile validation emails. Control how often the Hyperbot service communicates with your employees and how many times it
makes contact.

Know your crew

Directory makes sure staff info is always correct.

Search for users knowing that data will be up to date
and accurate. Control what profile information is shown within the two 
result views of cards and list, as well as giving your users the options 
to switch between the two.

Utilize the advanced sorting and filtering to narrow down search scopes
and return faster results based on the data captured against the user

Group the sets of attributes displayed through the simple and manageable 
user profiles, accessible for users through the web application or 
SharePoint Online web parts.

Dynamic organization

Get an automatic organisational chart showing reporting lines. LiveTiles Directory will dynamically build an organizational chart to provide a handy graphical representation of your company based on managerial reporting lines.

The number of reports against each employee will be reflected as a number against their profile image and will cascade down when clicked. The org chart also gives users the ability to navigate to users’ profiles by clicking the card icon against each user.

Analyze, Pilot, then Run!

The start of your Directory journey with Modes. Analyze. Analyze the health of your active directory looking at the completion rate of your attributes. Identify key attributes that need the most attention. Pilot Formulate your strategy to target the key attributes that are important for your organization’s profile data. Appoint a Pilot team to test the thoroughness of your plan and continue to refine. Run Move to Run mode when you are ready to launch LiveTiles Directory to your entire organization and start the process of improving and capturing new profile data.

A healthy staff directory

Monitor health of your Active Directory attributes in real time. Constantly monitor the health of your attributes across the directory
with a percentage scoring and key insights. Use the chart to filter 
the attributes and focus on key attributes requiring attention. Utilize the health trends to identify key attributes across
specified date ranges for accurate reporting relating to profile
progression. Use regular reporting to identify trends within new and existing
attributes to ensure 100% accuracy and completion across

Take control of attributes

Manage your key attributes with more functionality. Manage your organization attributes with greater control, ensuring that
the most important data is captured from your staff in the simplest
way. Enable the Hyerbot against those attributes with required user
input and let the service chase up the users for you. Add extra formatting such as form options, input types, mandatory fields 
and drop down selectors with predefined options to remove human error.
 Formatted attributes with the added ability to assign approval
process on key attributes before publication is part of the LiveTiles
Directory process to ensure accurate and up to date employee

SharePoint Online & Hybrid

Support for SharePoint environments LiveTiles Directory supports both models of SharePoint Online and
SharePoint On-Premises / Online Hybrid. For a hybrid environment, an agent is deployed and runs under a service account which communicates with our Directory cloud service. While the user profile, directory search, and organizational chart
functionality is available from the web application, these can also be 
deployed to SharePoint in the form of web parts. The web parts are fully compatible for the LiveTiles Everywhere and LiveTiles Intranet Enterprise products.