LiveTiles Reach app
for Microsoft Teams

Seamlessly integrate LiveTiles Reach with Microsoft Teams through the dedicated app downloadable from the Teams app store.


Reach communications in Microsoft Teams

With more than 115 million daily active users, Microsoft Teams is becoming the place to be when it comes to getting your work done efficiently.

The LiveTiles Reach application for Teams enables you to reach people across the entire organization with important news, posts, structured pages and events.
Reach brings the added value of a corporate communication solutions to your Teams environment with both top down and bottom up comms capability.

Communicate across teams and channels

The collaboration in individual teams and channels in Microsoft Teams can create silos in organizations.

LiveTiles Reach addresses this by enabling the communications staff to deliver news, events and information directly within Microsoft Teams, targeting groups, departments and individual employees across all of Microsoft Teams.


Already using Reach? Download the Teams app now!

The employee app for more reach and engagement. Communicate independent of location, time and device, and reach your desk and non-desk workers alike. With LiveTiles Reach you increase the engagement of your employee by reaching everyone with company news, connecting them with social posts, providing structured content and knowledge in pages, and fostering learning and in-person contact on events and trainings.

Publish content directly within Teams

Posts news articles, create events, write posts and create structured knowledge pages directly in Microsoft Teams.

The built-in content publishing and editing features allow content owners to incorporate their daily comms tasks within the Teams platform, allowing for more efficient processes, reducing the need to constantly switch in and out of context between multiple applications.

Reach notifications in Teams

Through profile preferences, individual users have the ability to choose how they receive their news notifications.

With the addition of notifications in Microsoft Teams, publication alerts will connect directly into the Teams activity and chat, creating an all-in-one experience for employees.


Connect with employees wherever they work with LiveTiles Reach for Microsoft Teams

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