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Your People. Our Planet.

Connect the
climate conscious

Unify your people with their purpose using LiveTiles Reach Zero, an internal communication tool that boosts engagement, increases retention and ensures connection – not only with each other, but with our planet.

With the functionality to build their own roadmap to net zero, access to My Net Zero’s Green Teams solution, and dedicated channels for climate news and events, Reach Zero ensures your people are always connected to their purpose, anytime, anywhere.

Reach Zero helps you understand the carbon cost of communication

Communicate the climate crisis

Communicate with your people no matter where they are on the planet with Reach Zero

Provide a platform for your people, your teams and your departments to keep up to date with the latest climate news

Connect like-minded passionate teams and individuals through customised channels and relevant events

Engage your teams in positive climate action with tools like customised roadmaps and employee energy offset calculators

Features for the future we need


Facilitate a net zero future for your people through a channel dedicated to building, altering, and setting Personalised Roadmaps, with a customised dashboard that allows ongoing engagement, inspiration and motivation to reach their climate goals.

Their journey to Net Zero begins here

Empower your people to accelerate the world’s path to net zero with Reach Zero, a platform designed to give your organisation the opportunity to be part of the climate solution by encouraging, supporting and incentivising positive climate action. With the climate crisis one of the top three concerns of employees, Reach Zero provide a tangible platform to manage your people, and their passion for the planet.

Platform benefits

Drive business outcome

Engaged employees are healthier, perform better and create more value for the company,saving costs and increasing outcome.

Maximize employee retention

Reach helps you build culture, reduce recruiting costs and encourage key people to remain with your business.

Only pay what
you need

As a modular app, you’ll only pay for what you need. The app is independent– so you don’t need an Office 365 license or an IT specialist for implementation.

Easily integrated

Integrates well with Microsoft Office 365 (SharePoint Online, Teams) and other collaboration platforms, HR systems and more than 1000 other apps through its API or Zapier.

Free from
language barriers

Comes with a multi-lingual UI and integrated AI translation services based on Azure Cognitive Services to effortlessly translate content in more than 60 languages.

Houses analytical
data for you

Measure reach, relevancy and impact of yourcontent with advanced analytics capabilities to optimize your content and maximize employee satisfaction.

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