How to Build a Chatbot for the Retail Industry!

Build Unique Experiences With Chatbot Shopping Assistants

Artificial intelligence will completely revolutionize your customers’ retail experience within the next year—in the form of a helpful little bot designed to be a digital retail shopping assistant built with the power of LiveTiles Bots’ no-code bot builder.

Which leads to the question “How to build a chatbot?”. well, it’s simple. In just a few clicks with LiveTiles’ bot builder, you can configure a chatbot to be an intelligent personal shopping assistant – a valuable in-store tool customers can query to facilitate purchase decisions and alert floor staff when necessary.

For example, say a customer walks into your shop looking for a new pair of jeans. They can ask your bot for the wash, size or style they’re after and the bot can then relay that information from different resources, including rich media like pictures of the jeans in question, general product information from a stock database, in-store location, or even prompt the user with current promotions and sales. With LiveTiles’ tools to customize a bot’s abilities, you can even configure your intelligent shop assistant to alert your first line floor workers to the customer’s interest and come make the sale.

LiveTiles Bots makes creating these chatbot shopping assistants incredibly easy and cost-effective through its natural language drag and drop interface. A designer can customize a bot’s capabilities simply by dragging them from a pre-built ability library (or even creating your own), and can further configure the data sources and systems that ability touches in the settings. Deployed in minutes to channels of their choice.

LiveTiles Bots’ ability settings also enable a user to tailor a bot’s language recognition – incredibly helpful for making sure your digital retail chatbot can understand any brand or location specific jargon your customers use to find products. You can even customize how conversational a bot’s responses will be – from the chit-chatty down to simple commands only. LiveTiles will show you how to build a chatbot in just few clicks with LiveTiles’ bot builder.

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