There’s Something About Intranet Increasing Sales


Do your profits need a little romancing? Sales on the decline? Are they looking for the right partner? Well, we’re here to tell you that there just may be something about how the intranet can increase sales in your company. The intranet and sales can work with another to create enormously successful results.

Can we list the ways this partnership is solid gold? We sure can!

Just to preface, research suggests many companies have lost rather large opportunities for client conversion and media exposure due to lack of proper communication between PR and sales departments. Think of all the times a company could have capitalized on a deal—without the support of marketing and PR, sales plummet. Marketing and PR are basically what industry experts call the “pre-selling” stage. This is the stage when you try to entice the customer and/or client to see the initial benefit of the product or service you’re selling.

There's Something About Intranet Increasing Sales


So how are intranets applicable to client conversions? Well, let’s delve a little deeper. For one, intranets offers easier access to client data. Client Relationship Management (CRM) services simplify the process for sales people when creating and editing Request For Proposals (RFP). Intranet-based client databases provide all the information reps need to close a deal.

Secondly, sharing knowledge across all departments maintains consistency within a company’s day to day task management; sharing marketplace intelligence amongst the entire organization via one centralized hub promotes convenience, creating a collaborative workplace. Unlike email, memos and various other enclosed mediums, sharing messages via intranet prevents data and content from getting lost in translation.

Finally, including relevant media coverage in your intranet can better prepare your teams for pitching services to clients. Sales reps easily can refer to this information at the drop of a hat, and pass along positive external content about your company.

So with proper coordination, it is quite possible for intranets to romance your sales department, providing centralized communication and workplace materials to better approach prospective clients.

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