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Unveiling the Future of Work: Digital Workplace Trends for 2023


The world of work is in flux with new and evolving forces at play. Organizations need to stay ahead of the game by understanding these trends and adapting them to drive success for their digital workplace.

Workplaces in 2023 are expected to be more diverse, sustainable, and virtual than ever before. Corporations and even smaller organizations are learning to adapt to cater for shifting employee expectations in the wake of the “new normal.”

As a result, businesses are starting to think increasingly long-term about how hybrid working is implemented. Ideally, employees should feel just as connected, motivated and productive working from home as they would be in the office. At the same time, they should also feel positive about working from the office, and they should be able to collaborate easily with any co-workers, wherever they are.

In this blog, we are zeroing in on five main forces that are expected to shape this year’s world of work: sustainability, flexibility, tech humanization, moments that matter, and inclusivity. This report will be a relevant read for C-level leaders, managers of communications, human resources, and IT teams.

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Greater Focus on Purpose and Sustainability

Many employees prefer to work for a company whose mission aligns with their personal values. A company’s purpose is a major factor in employee satisfaction and engagement, and ultimately, in retention.

One aspect of purpose-driven employee engagement – climate action – is also becoming increasingly important for organizations worldwide, becoming a key pillar of business success. Many employees, particularly the younger generations, are looking for employers that have strong social and environmental commitments.

 Flexibility is Now the Main Commodity  

In response to employees looking for greater flexibility and placing a higher priority on their wellbeing, companies are now focusing on providing employees with better experience, making sure they have the right tools and resources to stay productive, and creating a more flexible and agile workplace.

However, for flexibility to be successful, it must exist within a culture of trust. In such a culture, leaders and managers trust employees to be reachable, dependable, productive, and able to complete their tasks whether working on-site or remotely.

Humanized Tools to Gather Employee Insights

Employee experience is a crucial factor in affecting customer experience, as satisfied and engaged employees are often better brand ambassadors. To enhance job satisfaction, productivity, and engagement, it is important to provide employees with a “frictionless” work environment where processes and technology are designed to make their work as productive and fulfilling as possible.

Defining EX Through Moments that Matter

Traditionally, moments that matter in the context of work have been associated with “tangible” milestones such as recruitment, onboarding, training, promotion, and retirement. But with the rise of hybrid work, these moments have become more “intangible,” taking on more personal and all-encompassing attributes. For example, recognition of an employee’s contribution and quality of work may seem like a fleeting moment for an employer, but it can have a lasting impact on the employee.

The Case for Inclusion and Diversity are Stronger Than Ever

A hybrid workplace provides organizations with the opportunity to increase inclusion and diversity in recruitment and employee communications. This allows for the recruitment of diverse workers from all over the world, giving employees the flexibility to choose where they want to work based on factors such as cost of living, cultural preferences, and proximity to friends and family.

The emerging workplace trends for this year emphasize the importance of creating a positive employee experience in order to improve an organization’s performance. When employees have the right tools, are engaged, and are aligned with the company’s mission, the chances of the business’s success improve.

By reading our full-length report on Digital Workplace Trends for 2023, you will have more access to detailed information on these trends and the key recommendations we presented to drive your business to success. The report will provide you with actionable insights and strategies to help you create a more effective and efficient workplace that supports employee well-being and engagement and can ultimately drive your organization’s performance and success.

Download your free copy now and stay on top of the emerging trends shaping the hybrid world of work. 

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