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You’re presented with a vast amount of choices in your life every day: get the kibble or canned food for your dog, create yet another fake email for the Amazon prime trial, or to sell your grandmother’s 53 year old couch, you name it. But somehow these choices become infinitely more limited when it comes to your work life. Well, LiveTiles has a poll in which you can participate that will make a personal and positive experience on your work life, on your digital work life, by inputting your opinion. To start with, many of you have questions about the digital workplace. What is the digital workplace? What tools can you access in the digital workplace? Does the digital workplace make you more productive? How can I improve my intranet design? Or you may already have opinions on these matters, and you’re just waiting for the chance to make your voice heard.

Well, dear readers, your chance has arrived. LiveTiles is always moving to make intranets and  the digital workplace more accessible, simple and convenient for you and your business team. Houston Chronicle’s Rick Suttle says that “Customer feedback is paramount when determining a customer’s needs and tastes, particularly when a business introduces new products”. At LiveTiles we agree; therefore we’ve created a survey which allows you to share your voice and opinions about matters relating to the digital workplace. By taking this survey you can include yourself in the digital conversation, and the digital workplace can meet you halfway and adjust to your needs and desires.

Each question appears on a page of its own and gives you the option to choose one of five responses. The survey is completely anonymous, so none of your information shows up on our records. The Harvard Business Review discusses the importance of customer feedback, emphasizing that “Measurement is random and representative, which allows businesses to prioritize changes based on everyone’s experience”, and at LiveTiles we practice this method. The survey is designed for people to understand the digital workplace and for the industry to understand how customers think about the digital workplace – to see how the industry is currently functioning, where it’s going in the future, and what you’d like to see change in the workplace in the near future.

This survey will allow us to collect the overall opinion of users and entire teams collaborating in the digital workplace, and will furthermore make room for major improvements in intranet design so that it can better fit your workplace needs. “What is the most important aspect of the digital workplace?” Is it technology? The people? Your intranet? Mobility? By participating in the polls, you can let us know and make the change you might want to see in your workplace.

The first part of the survey poses the question: What part of your intranet is holding your business back the most? Some of the other questions include topics such as emerging technologies, improving areas of education to prepare students for the digital workforce, and the specific tools and aspects of the digital workplace that work for your company.

Intranet design plays a huge roll in the face of your company and, by extension, the success of your company as a whole. Our mission is to gather a consensus of how we can be better and where we can improve to maximize your intranet design’s ease of access as well as beauty. Whether you’re working in retail, professional services, or the government, the digital workplace works with you to create the perfect intranet for all your company’s needs.

Not only will participating in the polls help us improve our intranet design, but we’re basically tailoring your workplace to your exact needs. So really, you’re helping yourself. With LiveTiles, creating this digital workplace is easier than ever. Our drag and drop UI allows you, as the end user, to design your intranet as you see fit, with no need for knowledge (or hassle) of coding.

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