Whitepaper: The Hidden Data Security Challenges to Modern Collaboration

Written by: LiveTiles and Nuclues Cyber

Team collaboration and information sharing within the workplace over the past decade has rapidly evolved. From the early days of simple email attachments and network sharing, to the now vast landscape of cloud-based document centric applications. The multiple channels in which individuals and teams can share data in and out of the business has become a complex web.

Parallel to this the data security and protection needs of the workplace have also changed, as collaboration has moved data beyond fixed office locations and corporate firewalls . Subsequently increasing data protection regulations, as security threats become more frequent .

This White Paper will explore these critical digital workplace and enterprise security questions:

  • How do individuals and teams use and share information within the digital workplace, and what impact is this is having on how organizations deal with data security – especially in protecting their sensitive data?
  • How does an organization balance the competing needs of sharing information freely, while also maintaining an IT and Information Security posture?
  • What risk does an organization become exposed to with a poor information security strategy and what can we done to mitigate this risk?

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