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Web Parts for SharePoint: Customize your Intranet with LiveTiles

Zack Alami

Global Director of Product Marketing

A screen showing the different LiveTiles Sharepoint web parts
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In the past, Internal Communicators and Intranet Admins relied on the “Corporate Intranet” as the sole information source for employees. Now, with shortened attention spans and a tendency to multitask across many apps, the challenge has grown. The solution lies in customization with SharePoint web parts.

By tailoring the intranet to deliver specific information when and where it’s needed, we can reduce overload, boost productivity, aid multitasking, and ensure information is both accessible and visually appealing.

SharePoint’s popularity stems from its capability to let users easily create functional intranet sites. “Web parts” play a crucial role here.

These web parts, for example, can be customized to show news for different teams, to remind of project deadlines, or to integrate with other apps. Such customization makes the intranet more useful and user-friendly, encouraging better engagement and more effective work.

But that’s not all, let’s explore together what Web Parts are, and how they work.

What are SharePoint web parts?

At its core, SharePoint Web Parts are modular elements designed to inject functionality and content into SharePoint sites. Think of them as the building blocks that allow users to tailor their SharePoint experience. From displaying custom information, integrating external data, to adding interactive features, these Web Parts transform a standard SharePoint page into a highly functional and personalized workspace.

Their versatility is what makes SharePoint Web Parts a key part of SharePoint Intranet websites. Whether it’s collating essential data on a single dashboard, enabling quick access to resources, or facilitating seamless integration with other business tools, they empower organisations to design a SharePoint environment that mirrors their unique workflow and business needs. They work as plug-and-play elements for adding content, performing tasks, or incorporating external elements.

The Crucial Role of SharePoint Web Parts

The significance of SharePoint Web Parts extends beyond SharePoint customization and branding. In today’s digital-first workplace, they play a critical role in enhancing communication, streamlining processes, and promoting engagement across all levels of an organization. They enable users to create a bespoke intranet site that specifically caters to their role and requirements. SharePoint Web Parts significantly boost productivity and ensure vital information is always accessible.

Here are the core advantages of SharePoint Web Parts:

  • Streamlined teamwork and efficiency: Web parts simplify the dissemination of information and resources, integrating tools like calendars and task lists directly into SharePoint for improved communication and workflows.
  • Customized interfaces: Web parts offer the tools to craft bespoke experiences on SharePoint pages, suited to individual roles or interests, enhancing relevance and efficiency.
  • Fresh, adaptable content: These components allow for the real-time display of content, linked to various data sources to keep information fresh and pertinent.
  • Easy intranet administration: Managing SharePoint sites is more straightforward with web parts, as they can be added or adjusted with minimal technical expertise.
  • Extended functionality: Web parts provide seamless integration with a range of external tools and services, broadening SharePoint’s capabilities.
  • Mobile-friendly design: They are built to be mobile-responsive, ensuring a consistent user experience across devices.
  • Branded customization: Web parts can be tailored to align with an organization’s branding, maintaining visual consistency.
  • Inclusive design: With accessibility in mind, web parts are usable by people with disabilities, making SharePoint an inclusive platform.

In essence, SharePoint web parts are instrumental for businesses to foster better teamwork, personalize experiences, efficiently manage content, and leverage a variety of tools, reinforcing SharePoint’s role as a key enterprise communication and collaboration platform.

Now let’s explore LiveTiles custom Web Parts for SharePoint.

What is LiveTiles Intranet?

LiveTiles Intranet is a ready-to-run SharePoint Intranet solution designed to cut implementation costs and time and deliver extra capabilities. It’s tailored to fit any organization, no matter the size, location, or technology stack.

As a central hub for workplace communication and operations, LiveTiles Intranet offers functionalities that include:

  • Streamlined file management for better governance
  • Quick information retrieval with advanced search capabilities
  • Enhanced control over branding and customization
  • Cutting-edge internal communication features
  • An AI-powered app designed to support a hybrid workforce

Enhancing SharePoint with LiveTiles Web Parts

LiveTiles Intranet Web Parts for SharePoint are the building blocks of an organization’s digital workplace, each category enriching a facet of corporate life:

  • Culture & People Web Parts bring the office community to life, with directories and celebratory boards creating connections and the Canteen Web Part sharing the day’s meals, just like a buzz in the company café. Learn more
  • Employee App Web Parts turn the intranet into a social hub, where news circulates like headlines and posts spark conversations, knitting the workforce into a cohesive unit, no matter where they are or device they use.
  • Admin & UX Web Parts streamline operations with alert systems for urgent news, organized lists for clarity, and virtual tours guiding users like a friendly office assistant.

Together, these web parts form the vibrant heart of a SharePoint Intranet, nurturing a connected and dynamic company culture.

List of all Web Parts available: 

Culture & People Web Parts

  • People Web Part: Easily find and connect with colleagues.  
  • Celebrations Web Part: Showcase birthdays, work anniversaries, and other celebrations.
  • FAQ Web Part: Centralize frequently asked questions for easy access.  
  • Canteen Web Part: Keep track of daily menus and canteen schedules.  

Employee App (LiveTiles Reach) Web Parts

  • Reach News Web Part: Share organizational news and updates.  
  • Reach Posts Web Part: Facilitate social interactions and discussions.  
  • Reach Events Web Part: Highlight upcoming events and important dates.  
  • Reach Pages Web Part: Create and manage content pages.  

Admin & UX Web Parts:

  • Alerts Web Part: Keep everyone updated on important notifications. 
  • Lists Web Part: Organize and display lists for various purposes.   
  • Tour Guide Web Part: Offer guided tours of your intranet to new users.  
  • Rss Web Part: Stream the latest news and updates directly to your intranet.  

 Watch our Web Parts demos and learn how they work.

As we move forward, we’ll continue to add new web parts to this lineup, keeping your intranet experience fresh and ever-evolving.  Dive into more details in our technical documentation right here.

How to add Web Parts to LiveTiles Intranet?

To deliver added value to our customers, especially for digital workplace administrators, we’ve created the LiveTiles Operations Center. This platform facilitates the effortless management, deployment, and configuration of all LiveTiles solutions, including our comprehensive suite of web parts.

Here’s how to easily add these web parts to your intranet:

  • Access a variety of pre-built web part packages such as “.sppkg” files directly from the LiveTiles Operations Center.
  • Choose from web parts that include everything from news updates to comprehensive employee directories.
  • Personalize your intranet with these web parts to make it more engaging and accessible for your team.
  • Follow our easy-to-understand guides that support you through the integration process without needing deep technical knowledge.

With LiveTiles, enhancing your company’s intranet is manageable and free from the usual technical challenges. Additionally, our global support team is always on hand if you need further assistance.

Best Practices for Utilizing SharePoint Web Parts

Harnessing the full potential of SharePoint Web Parts requires a blend of strategic planning and insightful execution. To transform your SharePoint site into a powerhouse of efficiency and user engagement, here are some best practices to consider:

Understand Your Audience

Before diving into customization, it’s essential to know who will be using your SharePoint site. Different teams have varying needs; understanding these will guide you in selecting the most relevant Web Parts. For instance, a sales team might benefit more from CRM integration, while the HR department may find an internal job posting Web Part more useful.

Keep It Simple and Functional

While SharePoint offers a plethora of Web Parts, it’s crucial not to overload your pages. A cluttered page can be overwhelming and counterproductive. Focus on the functionality that adds value to your users’ day-to-day activities. Less is often more when it comes to a clean, user-friendly interface.

Prioritize Mobile Responsiveness

With the increasing reliance on mobile devices for work, ensuring that your SharePoint site and its Web Parts are mobile-friendly is non-negotiable. This approach guarantees a seamless user experience, irrespective of the device being used.

Regularly Update Content

Dynamic content keeps your intranet site relevant and engaging. Use Web Parts like RSS feeds or the LiveTiles Reach News Web Part to display up-to-date information, ensuring that your team stays informed with the latest news and updates.

Integrate with Other Applications

Leverage SharePoint’s ability to integrate with a variety of external applications and services. Customized Web Parts that connect with tools like Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, or external APIs can significantly enhance productivity and workflow.

Ensure Accessibility

Design your SharePoint site with accessibility in mind. This not only is a best practice for inclusivity but also complies with various legal requirements. Accessible Web Parts ensure that everyone in your organisation, regardless of ability, can efficiently use your intranet.

Brand Consistency

Utilize Web Parts that allow you to echo your organization’s branding throughout your SharePoint site. Consistent branding fosters a sense of identity and professionalism, making the intranet feel like an integral part of your corporate ecosystem.

Feedback and Continuous Improvement

Regularly seek feedback from users and be ready to make adjustments. User feedback is invaluable for continuous improvement and for understanding the effectiveness of the Web Parts in place.

Security and Compliance

While customizing with Web Parts, always keep security and data compliance at the forefront. Ensure that any integrations or content displayed adheres to your organization’s security policies and industry regulations.

Training and Support

Provide your team with the necessary training and support on how to use the SharePoint site effectively. Familiarity with the available Web Parts and how they can aid in their daily tasks will encourage adoption and utilisation

By adhering to these best practices, you can ensure that your SharePoint Web Parts not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your intranet but also contribute significantly to its functionality and the overall productivity of your team.

If you’re interested in experiencing how the Operations Center can transform your administrative workflows, schedule a demo today. Let’s embark on the journey toward operational excellence together. 

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