3 Ways to a Modern SharePoint User Experience — Gig Werks Webcast Takeaways

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3 Ways to a Modern SharePoint User Experience – Webcast Takeaways


It does not matter how much money a company spends (or saves) on Intranet developments, unless a SharePoint site is easy to use, and visually appealing users will ignore it and find other tools to maintain efficiency.


With increasing demands from the Enterprise, SharePoint needs to be functional and user friendly. End users want modern systems that empower their daily routine and leverage existing investments such as SharePoint.


We recently hosted a webinar on how to Reimagine SharePoint for the Modern Enterprise with our trusted partner LiveTiles to highlight how companies can modernize and satisfy the user experience. You can check out the full webcast here for a more detailed overview on how LiveTiles can  transform your SharePoint and the importance of UX to the enterprise. The webcast provides a live demonstration on what a modern SharePoint experience looks like.


From the webcast, here are three ways you can modernize your SharePoint intranet to drive user adoption and how the LiveTiles solution can help you achieve each.


A Sleek Look and Feel


A great interface will make or break your site. You can transfer the common refrain of real estate success – “location, location, location” – to the user-experience: “UX, UX, UX.”


This means dependable search and adaptable templates are a must have. LiveTiles allows organizations to quickly design its own sites, allowing users to feel that they have significantly improved their operational efficiency.


As powerful as SharePoint is out of the box, to meet the UX demands of modern workers, companies need to go beyond the basic tools of SharePoint. One way to attain that sleek look and feel is to work with LiveTiles. The UX solution equips ordinary users with the ability to design with little reliance on IT support. Some features to note include the drop-and-drag functions, integration with other cloud-based systems such as YouTube, Box, Salesforce, Office 365, and easy control over color, layout, and fonts. Ultimately, when users play a role in the design of a SharePoint site, they are far more likely to utilize the resource and encourage others to do the same.



Anywhere & Any Device Access


In today’s enterprise, mobility is essential; for all the emphasis of a great desktop experience, the same care and thought needs to go into how your users will work from their mobile devices and tablets. Your tools and solutions need to work the way your users work.


With LiveTiles, your SharePoint intranet is instantly mobile friendly and keeps the user experience consistent regardless of where you are working from.


Connected Content


In the day in age of cloud technology and content chaos, the best way to drive efficiency in the enterprise is to use solutions that can bring systems and applications together. Users want to go to one place to do what they need.


SharePoint Intranets allow users to access necessary data from across the enterprise. LiveTiles offers pre-built connectors into numerous systems making this easier for the enterprise (see diagram below). This drives efficiency, ease of use and a coherent way for users to consume the information they need to do their job.


Learn more about LiveTiles at the link below and Contact us at Gig Werks to see how you can achieve modernization in your enterprise.




Learn more about LiveTiles here and Contact us at Gig Werks to see how you can achieve modernization in your enterprise.

Watch the Full Webcast Demonstration: Reimagine SharePoint for the Modern Enterprise to learn more!


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