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We are hiring! – Explore Careers at LiveTiles

We are hiring! – Explore Careers at LiveTiles

Local Electoral Commission

Vote one, great technology.


The Challenge

The client was in charge of important democratic processes. They had fluctuating numbers of temporary staff. Most challenging of all was their reliance on paper systems to keep track of everything.

The Solution

LiveTiles and Data#3 provided solutions to build an effective intranet with analytics and user profile management. After a very short presentation, the client saw the solution was a clear winner. They loved the flexibility, and now they can move their old-fashioned paper processes online.

The Result

The design phase has kicked off and LiveTiles and Data#3 are working closely with the client’s Change Management team, Record Management team, and technology stakeholders. The client is also keen to produce a joint case study detailing the project.

The Challenge

When LiveTiles teamed up with leading IT solutions company Data#3 to help an electoral commission move their processes online, it was a truly awesome partnership.

“The external partner we worked with has been actively trying to create synergy with our companies, specifically across government,” our LiveTiles representative said.

“They are well-placed in the Microsoft world, and with LiveTiles technology being predominantly Microsoft, it made sense for us to collaborate.”

The result? Vote ONE for great technology!

Help! We’re buried in paper

The client had been buried in paper for a long time. They were trying to find practices that would allow them to be more automated, more agile, and more focused on a digital future.

The client has a significant amount of data held internally, primarily organizational data they use to understand how, what, and why elections operate. That includes lots of paperwork around the right processes to roll that out.

They employed around 500 staff, but that number could more than double depending on what kind of election was taking place. Those hundreds of temporary employees only work for the eight weeks in which the election runs, and then they go back to their day jobs.

This meant the client was documenting extensive growth and removal of staff on paper. It just wasn’t efficient.

The Solution

Time to count the votes

The client went to market to replace their existing asset management platform.

LiveTiles and Data#3 looked at the requirements of the solution and realized very quickly that the solution was a complete rebuild of the way that the client operates.

It meant taking their operations and processes and creating an electronic version to guide staff, and to provide that information on any device, at any time, in any location.

The nature of the roles under the client meant that their staff could be working at a lot of different locations.

“It was important for us to be able to rapidly deploy, and for people to be able to access all the information on any device, wherever they are, and have a consistent experience to that information,” our LiveTiles rep said.

“The client was very busy. That meant we only had a small window to pitch our proposal.”

“We jumped straight into the demo, showed Directory, showed Live Tiles Design, showed intelligence in a sleek deck, and it was enough to get a call back a week later,” our LiveTiles rep said.

It was important for us to be able to rapidly deploy, and for people to be able to access all the information on any device, wherever they are.

The Result

It’s a clear winner

The client loved the flexibility of the solution, they loved how scalable it was, and they loved the fact that they could dictate the experience to their users.

They also loved being able to change on the fly, depending on how many staff they had working and how busy it was.

Data#3 said the design phase has kicked off.

“We’re working closely with the Change Management team, Record Management team, and of course all the technology stakeholders.

“The client wants to be an innovator in this space, and it was actually their idea to do a joint case study post-project,” they said.

“It’s a great opportunity for all of us and we’re all very excited.”

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