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The Challenge

When you people are working in remote teams, it’s important for your employee profile information to be accurate.

The Solution

Markon Solutions needed to automate the management of profile information to keep employee information up to date.

The Result

Markon Solutions’ rollout of LiveTiles DIrectory has allowed them to achieve both accurate and correctly formatted Active Directory profile information, through a remotely accessible application.

Managing a decentralized workforce.

Markon Solutions is a nationally recognized consulting firm specializing in project management and business improvement services. Markon Solutions’ employee phone book and profile photos were not in a good state, making it hard for their distributed team to connect and collaborate.

The current systems and processes in place to manage profile information were not meeting their goals.

“We had a self-service SharePoint page that really was not good at all.” Robert Barbrow, Director of IT.  In addition, many of their team work in secure locations that restrict access to Markon’s online corporate resources, leading them to seek a solution that could overcome their challenges.

Automated Profile Management

Markon Solutions were looking for a solution that would automate the management of profile information on an ongoing basis. They were lacking the time and resources needed to constantly chase up employees to keep information up to date.

Robert first heard about LiveTiles Employee Directory on the technology podcast .NET Rocks and reached out to see if the solution was the right fit for Markon.

Robert saw great potential in the product and how it would automate employee follow-ups and free up time to focus on more important tasks. 

The LiveTiles Employee Directory Assistant was the key to achieving a proactive approach to profile management and move away from the self-service SharePoint page that wasn’t delivering.

Phone number lookup is huge for us, also the profile pictures are a huge win. Microsoft recently released an option in contacts that will show you pictures of everyone you’re meeting with for the day, that’s helped a lot

Robert Barbrow, Director of IT, Markon Solutions

Employees take control

Markon Solutions’ rollout of LiveTiles Employee Directory has allowed them to achieve both accurate and correctly formatted Active Directory profile information, through a remotely accessible application.

Through LiveTiles Employee Directory, Markon has the reliable phone book they were seeking, to help connect their employees regardless of location.

LiveTiles Employee Directory had been up and running at Markon for a few months when Robert acknowledged he had “… gotten lots of feedback that our users and upper management loved it.”

For other organizations rolling out LiveTiles Employee Directory, Robert recommends changing up the Directory Assistant settings from time to time. Their Directory Assistant is doing much of the heavy lifting but changing things up has helped Markon achieve the best results from the service.

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