Secure Teams Collaboration

Microsoft has declared Teams their fastest-growing enterprise application with over half a million organizations using it and growing. However, Teams sprawl, while excellent for organic adoption, can present governance and security challenges for organizations if it is not properly managed.

Attend this webinar hosted by Timlin Enterprises, LiveTiles, and Nucleus Cyber to learn how to implement the required amount of governance using best practices and software to ensure your policies are followed and your data is kept secure.

In this webinar, we’ll cover how to get started with a deliberate and controlled Teams implementation. We’ll discuss key topics like:

  • Governance formation, process, templates;
  • The questions you need to answer;
  • How to plan for security, integration with other key work processes; and,
  • The ongoing process and commitment to ensure you maintain momentum and change management.


Ryan Thomas, CEO, Timlin Enterprises

Brad Hannes, Innovation Executive, LiveTiles

Steve Marsh, VP Product Marketing, Nucleus Cyber

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