LiveTiles Product Release Notes: Dunant 6

The big announcement this week is the official launch of site wide LiveTiles Intelligence.

LiveTiles Intelligence gives you a real-time view into the metrics that enable you to quickly adapt and ensure the success and adoption of your LiveTiles Design portals and intranets. Closing the gap between end user feedback and justifiable design decisions with data that is:​

Highly filterable​: (View site visitor data by their department, geographic location, and even device type)

Enterprise ready: (The level of fine detail in data views is well-suited for large, geographically widespread teams using the same digital resources)

Actionable​: (Engagement Index represents  users’ individual tile interactions  and repeated visits to a page, so designers can see at a glance how well a page is use)

Flexible Time Period: (Calendar drop down allows designers to view and compare usage data within a period of their choice ​– whether it’s three days, three weeks, or three months​)

Entirely out of the box: (Functionality does not require custom filters, data visualizations, or rules to be set up or coded. Simply select the “Site Wide” option under “Insights” on your LiveTiles pages to get started)

In the latest episode of LiveTiles Insider, Product Marketing Manager Chris Lukianenko explains the benefits of site wide LiveTiles Intelligence, and how it differs from what’s provided with LiveTiles Design. 

Also check out the video for more information on Engagement Score.

2 Bug Fixes:
Insights and Heatmap Don’t Display Data As a result of how some of our customers’ AD groups were configured, no data was being displayed in the Insights tab & Heatmap. This has now been fixed.
Email Tile wouldn’t Default to Inbox Folder For users who had their mailboxes set to a language other than English, the Email Tile wouldn’t default to the correct Inbox folder. A setting has now been added to the Items tab which allows a user to select the appropriate folder.

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