LiveTiles Product Release Notes: Pissarro 10

This week’s Pissarro 10 product release includes 1 major feature, 1 usability improvement, 1 bug fix and the second episode of our new web series, LiveTiles Insider. Check it out!

LiveTiles Insider:

We’re excited to present LiveTiles Insider, an exclusive web series about the Intelligent Workplace.

In this week’s episode, LiveTiles’ Product Marketing Manager Chris Lukianenko speaks from Salamanca Place, the cultural capital of Hobart. Tune in for a behind-the-scenes look into our latest product release, and a sneak preview of future updates.

Watch the second episode below:

1 Major Feature:

We have had a few requests from customers to allow for tile visibility settings to utilize existing Active Directory security groups on top of the existing support for SharePoint groups. As this wasn’t supported in the past, it required an organization to replicate their AD groups as SP groups, or add all users from an AD group to a SP group. This became a significant issue for organizations with numerous AD groups of thousands of users already set up.

We’re happy to announce that existing AD groups can now be leveraged for tile visibility. You can use an existing AD group for permission settings on a tile without having to duplicate it as a SP group. Simply add the existing AD group into your SP group, and the nested users will have access.

 Note: This functionality depends on the SP group having the “Who can view the membership of the group?” setting set to Group Members.

1 Usability Improvement:

We’re thrilled to announce an update to the new List Tile released a few weeks ago.

You can now create and edit list items. A few basic list item types support creation straight in the tile as a ‘quick create’ using a streamlined UI. More advanced list items can be created through the native SharePoint UI, also available from within this tile.

Pissarro 10

The item types supported in the quick create are:

  1. Title
  2. Image
  3. Image Description
  4. Expiry
  5. Body

1 Bug Fix: 

Wrong month displayed in Calendar Tile The Calendar Title didn’t respond correctly when trying to navigate between months. This has been fixed.

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