LiveTiles Product Release Notes: Pissarro 5

Pissarro 5 Product Release Notes


LiveTiles home button improved To improve the discoverability of the Home button in the design canvas, we have added the button text ‘Home’ underneath the logo. This should assist new users in navigating back to the design console.
Calendar tile – Improved month & year selection We are in the process of updating the Calendar tile with quite a few new and improved features. As part of this, the Calendar tile now includes the ability to more easily select a particular month/year. This can be achieved by simply clicking on the month, and then selecting the applicable month from the popup. The same can be done for year selection.
Calendar tile – Added custom font ability You can now apply a custom font to the Calendar tile’s displayed font.


Bug fixes

Manage Groups – Scrollbar missing on Firefox, Edge, IE On the ‘Manage Groups’ page, the scrollbar was missing for all browsers except Chrome. This has been corrected.
Authentication in IE A bug was encountered with IE10 and IE11, when users tried signing into the Groups, Mail, Meetings, or Power BI tiles. The popup window that should have appeared to enter authentication credentials did not, causing the tiles to freeze.
Picture Gallery There was a bug in the Picture Gallery Tile Settings, where the Font Family options that are displayed when Override Page Font is checked, appeared without that setting checked.  Checking and unchecking the Override Page Font option removed the Font Family as intended; however, if the settings were saved and reopened, the Font Family reappeared. This has been fixed and now behaves as expected.


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