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What’s New at LiveTiles: October 2023

Zack Alami

Global Director of Product Marketing

Table of Contents

We’re excited to present our October 2023 update, packed with new features and improvements to enhance your digital workspace. This builds on our earlier June release, fulfilling our commitment to a thrice-yearly product release cycle aimed at accelerating digital workplace innovation. 

First off, we are unveiling all the features of our upcoming renewed employee communications app, LiveTiles Reach, which includes a new AI Content Assistant, WCAG-compliant design, and more. Our new Operations Center centralizes and simplifies the administration of all LiveTiles products and configurations. 

Furthermore, we’ve revamped LiveTiles Intranet, adding new Search capabilities and eight new web parts. We’ve also made improvements to LiveTiles Core, Directory, and Analytics to provide a seamless user experience.

Let’s explore what’s new. 

🎉 Meet our new LiveTiles Reach: An employee communication app, for new ways of work 

After three years of research, customer feedback, and continuous development, we’re excited to unveil a groundbreaking update to LiveTiles Reach, our award-winning employee communication app.  

This update is not just a facelift; it’s a complete transformation designed to make internal communications more efficient, personalized, and insightful. 

Set to come available for early-access in 2024 the new LiveTiles Reach comes with a host of innovative features. At the forefront is our AI-powered assistant, designed to make content creation smarter and more intuitive. The updated interface offers simplified navigation and a new visual content designer, ensuring your articles are both clean and engaging. 

In line with our commitment to accessibility, the new design is WCAG compliant. And for those looking for more identity verification options, we’ve integrated Okta support to make your experience even more secure. 

Key new features:

New AI Virtual Assistant for content creation 

Creating content just got a whole lot easier with LiveTiles Reach. Our new AI assistant helps you quickly generate and optimize text, making your messages more effective. And that’s not all—soon you’ll be able to predict how well your content will perform before you even publish it, thanks to our upcoming predictive analytics feature. It’s all about making content creation simpler and smarter, so you can engage your audience like never before. 

New user interface 

We’ve revamped the LiveTiles Reach interface to make it more user-friendly and efficient. This isn’t just a visual update; it’s a complete redesign for both web and mobile apps. Now, you can navigate more easily with integrated admin features, enjoy modern configurations, and benefit from a design that’s focused on user experience. Plus, we are working on making it more accessible, with the aim of meeting WCAG standards. 

Feeds with advanced targeting

Say goodbye to endless scrolling and information overload. Our updated Reach Feeds make it easier than ever to find what you need. The feed is now a one-stop-shop, offering a mix of news and updates tailored to you or your team. You can easily personalize your feed or let the organization guide what you see. Plus, if you can’t find something, a quick search will get you there. It’s all about making content more relevant and easier to find. 

Revamped news feed

Keeping up with important updates is essential but can be challenging. That’s why we’ve revamped the LiveTiles Reach news feed. It now features a structured layout similar to your favorite news sites, making it easier to consume information. The feed also prioritizes content based on its importance to you or your team. And if you’re worried about missing something crucial, our new nudge feature will highlight what you might have overlooked. It’s all designed to keep you informed and engaged. 

A new dimension to M365 Integration

We’re taking your Microsoft 365 experience to the next level with LiveTiles Reach. Our new features make it easier and more personalized to interact with M365. You can now tailor your feeds, integrate directly into Microsoft Teams, and enjoy a user-friendly interface with updated web parts. We’ve also added Microsoft Viva integration and a unified search function that works across both Elastic Search and Microsoft Search. It’s all about making your digital workplace more efficient and customized.

Okta authentication and OpenID integration

Identity verification is crucial in today’s digital workplace. That’s why we’re expanding your options with the integration of Okta and OpenID in LiveTiles Reach. These new features offer more secure and flexible ways for you to verify your identity, making it easier than ever to access the platform safely. 

When can you experience the new LiveTiles Reach? 

From an AI-powered assistant for smart content creation to a revamped user interface, we’re taking employee engagement to the next level. While we’re giving you a preview today, early access to these new features will be available starting in 2024.  

Dive deep into all the new features of LiveTiles Reach in this dedicated blog post, or schedule an introductory demo with an employee engagement expert to learn more and prepare for the full release in 2024. 

🎉 Introducing The LiveTiles Operations Center

This October also sees the launch of the LiveTiles Operations Center, a centralized hub for managing all LiveTiles solutions. Designed with digital workplace administrators in mind, the platform enables streamlined management, deployment, and configuration of all LiveTiles solutions. 

In addition to its unified interface, the Operations Center offers a wealth of admin resources. This includes comprehensive consultation documentation, and an extensive web part library. You can now select your preferred data residency location, giving you greater control over data security and compliance. 

The LiveTiles Operations Center reaffirms our ongoing commitment to innovation, making complex tasks simpler and enabling employers to focus on what truly matters—their employees. 

Key new features:

In our June 2023 release, we introduced our new Navigation Solution, which is now fully integrated into your Operations Center. This upgrade streamlines the admin experience, replacing the old JSON setup with an intuitive Matrix Navigation and Mega-Menu interface. You can personalize menus for specific audiences and manage settings for different user groups with ease. A new translation feature also helps you effectively reach a multilingual workforce.

Consultation documentation 

When launching new products or updates, having a single source of truth to navigate complexities is key. That’s why we’ve centralized all technical documentation in the Operations Center. Whether you’re starting from scratch or improving current setups, our detailed guidebook is your go-to manual for implementing all LiveTiles solutions with maximum efficiency.  

One place for all your web parts

Keeping your intranet organized is easier than ever. You can now download pre-built “.sppkg” web part packages directly from the Operations Center. These web parts range from news feeds and employee directories to specialized features, making your intranet customizable and user-friendly. Our guides make integration simple, eliminating the need for extensive coding. 

Web Parts available: 

  • Alerts Web Part: Keep everyone updated on important notifications. 
  • Reach News Web Part: Share organizational news and updates.  
  • Reach Posts Web Part: Facilitate social interactions and discussions.  
  • Reach Events Web Part: Highlight upcoming events and important dates.  
  • Reach Pages Web Part: Create and manage content pages.  
  • Celebrations Web Part: Showcase birthdays, work anniversaries, and other celebrations.
  • FAQ Web Part: Centralize frequently asked questions for easy access.  
  • Lists Web Part: Organize and display lists for various purposes.   
  • People Web Part: Easily find and connect with colleagues.  
  • Tour Guide Web Part: Offer guided tours of your intranet to new users.  
  • Canteen Web Part: Keep track of daily menus and canteen schedules.  
  • Rss Web Part: Stream the latest news and updates directly to your intranet.  

Watch our Web Parts demos and learn how they work.

As we move forward, we’ll continue to add new web parts to this lineup, keeping your intranet experience fresh and ever-evolving.  Dive into more details in our technical documentation right here.

Future-proof your digital workspace

Our Operations Center is evolving to be your comprehensive solution for a future-proof digital workspace. The initial release in October includes consultation documentation, the ability to download intranet web parts, and Mega Menu configuration. Upcoming releases will offer even more, like IXP configuration and intranet branding, to provide you with an all-inclusive management solution. 

We’re adding new governance features to ensure data security. Quicklinks will be easier to manage, letting you create essential corporate links directly in the Operations Center. Editors will soon be able to manage policies, streamlining access to handbooks, procedures, and training materials. 

You’ll also be able to customize your intranet’s look and feel in one place, ensuring a cohesive brand experience. Advanced analytics dashboards will offer real-time insights into system performance and user engagement, helping you make data-driven decisions. Plus, our upcoming click-and-deploy feature will make setting up all your LiveTiles products a breeze. 

These updates are designed to save you time and effort while keeping your system aligned with emerging enterprise needs. 

See our new Operations Center in action

Let’s embark on the journey toward operational excellence together.

If you’re interested in experiencing how the Operations Center can transform your administrative workflows, schedule a demo today. To learn more, check out our dedicated blog post.

🎉 Upgrades to LiveTiles Intranet 

As our most mature product built for secure enterprise intranets, LiveTiles Intranet has always been about connecting your teams through a modern solution built on Microsoft 365. It allows you to easily create and organize content, target the right audience, and measure your impact, reaching employees everywhere. Rated as a Strong Performer in Intranet Packaged Services by Gartner with a 4.7 score and featured in IDC, ClearBox, and Forrester, we’re committed to keeping it at the forefront of innovation. 

Today, we’re excited to announce several upgrades to LiveTiles Intranet. First up, we’ve integrated SharePoint Graph Connectors into the Reach News search function, significantly improving content discoverability. But we didn’t stop there. As we mentioned before, we’re also introducing eight new user-friendly web parts to enhance your experience.

These include People, Celebrations, Alerts, Canteen Menu, RSS, FAQ, Lists, and Tour Guide. Watch our Web Parts demos and learn how they work.

What’s new to LiveTiles Intranet?

  • Improved content discoverability through SharePoint Graph Connectors for Reach News. 
  • Eight new web parts to enrich user experience: People, Celebrations, Alerts, Canteen Menu, RSS, FAQ, Lists, and Tour Guide. 
  • Incremental updates to further refine the UI/UX of the Intranet. 

These upgrades underscore our commitment to continually evolve our award-winning, user-centric platform. 

If you’re interested in seeing how our comprehensive M365 Intranet adapts to your organization’s needs, schedule a demo and one of our experts will be happy to walk you through it.

🎉 Expanding capabilities across the LiveTiles Platform  

We’re taking our platform to the next level by expanding its capabilities, giving you more flexibility and control. Here’s a update of what’s new: 

LiveTiles Core 

We’ve internally released a new Notification Service that integrates with third-party systems like Salesforce, Workday, and SAP SuccessFactors. This enables customers to trigger notifications seamlessly from these platforms. 

LiveTiles Directory 

We’ve broadened our support to include third-party HRIS, starting with Workday. This makes LiveTiles Directory a more comprehensive and adaptable solution. It now serves as the central point for employee data across all LiveTiles products, thanks to a new central API.  

LiveTiles Analytics 

We’ve added support for Intranet Page traffic analytics, capturing key metrics like visits and time spent on pages. Reach will also benefit from improved data modeling and real-time analytics.  

In summary, whether it’s triggering notifications from various systems, centralizing employee data, or capturing real-time analytics, we’re committed to providing a more flexible and comprehensive experience across the LiveTiles platform. 

📣 Experience these updates firsthand 

That wraps up our October 2023 update. We’ve introduced a host of new features and improvements aimed at simplifying your digital workspace and making it more efficient.  

If you’re curious to see these updates in action, why not schedule a 30-minute personalized walkthrough? It’s the perfect way to get acquainted with what’s new and how it can benefit you. 

Want to stay ahead of the curve? Sign up for our product updates and be the first to know about the latest innovations and breakthrough features of LiveTiles’ digital workplace solutions. 

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