Did you know that companies with highly engaged workforces outperform their peers by 147% in earnings per share (Gallup, 2018)? That’s one of the many reasons it’s critical for industries to engage first line workers and maintain effective internal communications.

A massive 2.7 billion people, 80 per cent of the global workforce, are categorized as firstline workers.

If workers are deskless, they need an effective way to receive personalized, relevant business updates, wherever they’re working.

Digital transformation leaders Pait Group said “It is critical to make sure all communication is delivered in an easy to read and mobile format.”

In this webinar, David Salter (Director Technology Solutions at LiveTiles) outlines the best way to use technology to engage a first line workforce.

The webinar covers:

  • What business in the new normal looks like for leaders and firstline workers.
  • Engaging first line workers.
  • Making sure you’re not just communication noise.
  • How technology like LiveTiles Reach and Microsoft Teams engages workers on the go.
  • Best practices and tips for creating a digital workplace that fuels productivity and communication, regardless of location.

David said COVID-19 highlighted the need for effective communications reaching people where they are working.

“Effective internal communications really are the glue that hold people together during times of upheaval,” he said.

5 tips to engage first line workers on the go

  1. Consumer grade mobile app with push notifications (this is non-negotiable).
  2. Less is more, i.e. focus on simplicity and quality.
  3. Treat internal and external stakeholders with the same importance.
  4. Enable all employees to be content creators (in governed spaces).
  5. Measure what is and isn’t being read to improve content.

“If you know what isn’t being read, you can make informed decisions about how to improve the experience.

“Getting some data and real insights into what people are interacting with is critical,” David explained.

5 essential tech capabilities to engage first line workers

  1. Announcements/alerts
  2. Structured knowledge sharing
  3. Unstructured knowledge sharing (like comments, likes, and shares)
  4. Connecting expertise
  5. Events- Trainings, briefings, townhalls

“Great targeting for alerts is very important. If information isn’t relevant, users are less likely to trust and use the app,” David said.

PAIT Group agrees, saying “…if your content is not easily accessed on a variety of devices such as a mobile phone or tablet, then how can you expect they will be kept in the loop and feeling as if they are included.”

The LiveTiles Reach mobile app is purpose-built to engage first line workers.

“Unless you have very specific requirements, we would recommend you go with a buy not build option. It’s low cost and low risk,” David said.

“We are catering for options inside Microsoft 365 and independently.”

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