📣 February 2024 Product Release: New Intranet AI Assistant, SharePoint Analytics, and More

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Is your outdated intranet hindering communication and employee morale? You’re not alone. Many businesses struggle with clunky intranets that create information silos and stifle productivity.

What can a modern Intranet upgrade do for you?

A modern intranet fosters a thriving digital community with features like social feeds, recognition programs, and discussion forums. This helps employees feel connected, informed, and valued, leading to higher engagement. Studies show engaged employees are happier, more productive, and less likely to leave the company (impact of employee engagement on turnover).

The right platform can simplify workflows and empower employees to find information quickly with a user-friendly, centralised platform. No more wasting time searching through a cluttered intranet. Research by McKinsey suggests a modern intranet can increase productivity by an average of 20 – 25%. This translates to significant time savings and a more efficient workforce.

Breaking down information silos and empowering seamless teamwork with integrated communication tools like chat, document co-editing, and project management features. Streamlined communication leads to better project outcomes, faster time-to-market, and a more collaborative work environment.

Signs You Need an Intranet Upgrade

Recognising the signs of an outdated intranet is crucial for a successful digital workplace. Warning signs include low employee engagement, which can be identified through surveys to pinpoint pain points like information difficulty, lack of collaboration tools, or a clunky interface. Similarly, a cluttered intranet with information buried deep within its structure wastes valuable time searching. User analytics tools can help identify these content accessibility issues. Additionally, a lack of integrated communication and collaboration features hinders teamwork.

Analyse your current communication channels to see if email dominates or document sharing and project management could be more convenient. Finally, a simple or outdated interface encourages user adoption.

Conduct a user interface audit to identify usability issues. Is the navigation intuitive, and is the design visually appealing? Addressing these red flags with a modern intranet upgrade can significantly improve your company’s digital work environment. 

Steps to upgrade your Intranet

Upgrading your intranet requires a well-defined plan. The first step is a thorough Needs Assessment. This involves identifying your company’s specific needs and goals for the upgraded platform.

What challenges are you trying to solve? Do you need to boost employee engagement, improve information accessibility, or enhance collaboration? Once your goals are clear, Budget Planning becomes crucial. Establish a realistic budget that considers licensing costs for the new platform, implementation fees for setup, and potential ongoing support expenses.

Finally, don’t underestimate the importance of Change Management. Develop a comprehensive plan to ensure employees embrace the new intranet. This can include training sessions to familiarise them with the new features, communication campaigns to generate excitement, and dedicated user support channels to address any questions or concerns that arise. By following these steps, you can ensure a smooth and successful intranet upgrade.

The Breakthrough

Don’t wait another year to update your company’s internal communication. Book a free consultation with a LiveTiles expert today! We’ll take a look at your current setup and tailor a solution to meet your specific needs.

“We looked for a platform that would not only integrate with our existing kit (the last thing we needed was another development project!) but would also take communications to the next level. LiveTiles was a great choice for us.”

Mike Salmon, Group IT and Security Director at Creditsafedd

The Stumbling Block To A Modern Intranet: Workforce Reluctance

Leaders are often excited about the transformative potential of tech innovations. So, it can be disheartening when they’re met with pushbacks. As with any change, the transition to a digital workplace can draw resistance from employees.

Change can be daunting for sure, but poor communication is the real problem. In a recent  article we outline the grave impact that weak user adoption can have on your company.

The Stepping Stone: At LiveTiles, we put the employee end-user first. Our accessible design makes mastering new software simple. We use a clear change management framework to guide your team at every stage. Plus, our personalised workspace helps ease notification overload by letting employees choose the apps and services they need.

The Glitch: A Tug-of-War for Tech Resources

Crafting a digital workplace is more than just moving work online. It involves a shift in mindset and revision of existing processes. Without strategic alignment, organizations risk spinning their wheels. Many companies are struggling with limited IT resources. And given business needs, investing excessive time and effort in complex intranet development is often unfeasible.

The Game-Changer: The LiveTiles service pro has the technical know-how and problem-solving skills to help align IT resources with digital workplace strategies – and budgets. Our communication, collaboration, and automation solutions ensure your business objectives are front and center, without the risks that come with custom development.

“The speed of deployment was basically overnight. Users went home on a Tuesday evening and came in on a Wednesday morning to a completely new intranet experience.​”

Carmel O’Hare, Head of IT, Local Government, Ireland.

The Worry: Data Dangers

The online sharing of sensitive business info provides a range of entry points for bad actors. Plus, as old content accumulates, so does obsolete data. This impacts the accuracy of information, which leads to poor decisions.

The Way Forward: Data security is a LiveTiles priority. Our system inherits all security settings from Microsoft 365 and Azure on day one. We conduct annual penetration tests and hold an ISO27001 certification, guaranteeing the highest level of protection. In addition, our governance and compliance features ensure your data is:

  1. Up to date
  2. Accurately targeted
  3. Fully compliant and secure

The Road Less Daunting: Paving the Way to the Future of Work

Transitioning to a modern intranet platform, or evolving your existing one, can seem a formidable task. Juggling endless tools, easing workforce reluctance, managing IT resources, ensuring data security – it might be tempting to put it off for yet another year. But the journey need not feel like an obstacle course. At LiveTiles, we’ve crafted solutions to address each challenge head-on. Before long, you will be on the road to a productive, efficient, and secure digital future. We would love to be your trusted partner every step of the way.

Ready to embark on your digital workplace journey? Schedule a consultation and demo, tailored to your business challenges, with one of our experts today.