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Internal Communication in Business: The Best Examples & Case Studies

In today’s technological and mobile workforce, incorporating internal communication in business must have a sound strategy behind it. As previously discussed, internal communication is the flow of interaction between employees in an organization. It’s reliant on having a collective understanding of the organization’s vision and a commitment toward its strategic goals. One of the best ways to improve internal communication is to bring people and their insights together into one interactive hub. 

What does a company with great internal communication look like? 

  • A unified team that shares news and feedback 
  • A team that works with a strategy that supports a mobile workforce, or a flexible type of work arrangement (e.g., one main office and retail shops) 
  • A team that uses an effective communications tool or platform that integrates with new technologies 

Keep in mind that great internal communication strategies encompass all channels of communication — whether that’s digital, face-to-face, or mobile. The choice of tool or platform, however, matters a lot. A customizable intranet can allow management to decide how to visually present information and data to people in the company. They can deem what’s important and prioritize accordingly. 

LiveTiles Intelligent Intranet has worked with various reputable brands across the globe to advance their internal communication. With an emphasis on connecting the mobile workforce or teams with flexible arrangements, the aim has been consistent: to unite teams together wherever they may be in the world. 

Companies with Great Internal Communications: The Case Studies 

CASE STUDY #1: PepsiCo 

  • The Challenge: PepsiCo is a huge organisation with over 300,000 employees globally. They saw the difficulty in connecting their different business units from around the world. 
  • The Solution: PepsiCo built a customizable and mobile-friendly intranet. Using LiveTiles’ ‘drag-and-drop’ function, they were able to communicate what matters to their people — industry news, and company discussions, among other messaging. The platform readily integrated with existing business applications such as SalesForce, DropBox, Google Drive, and social media channels. 

CASE STUDY #2: UK Ministry of Defence  

  • The Challenge: With multiple stakeholders and business/operational units in the UK, the Ministry of Defence faced difficulty in the absence of a centralized hub to unite their key people. They needed a way to consolidate privileged information on a platform that removes potential insufficiencies affecting security. 
  • The Solution: MoD built Nexus — a reliable and secure platform that integrates their applications, resources, and news. They were able to bring together their community and a vast network of partners in one secure and centralized space. 

CASE STUDY #3: Michael Hill  

  • The Challenge: Michael Hill is a jewellery company headquartered in Queensland, Australia. How could they properly disseminate information from their head office down to their 300 retail shops across the globe? While Michael Hill had several attempts at a SharePoint strategy, they found it challenging to get the stores to engage with it. They were required a platform that could circulate news and resources with a user-friendly interface that could win their people over. 
  • The Solution: They created a global communications hub called HO Documents that gives all of Michael Hill stores access to company updates, expense forms, policies, and Yammer feeds. They conjointly utilized SharePoint and LiveTiles to create an organized and engaging platform. The best result? Less and less IT requests — the team found the hub useful and intuitive. 


  • The Challenge: NBH Bank provides financial/banking products and services throughout Colorado, Kansas, Missouri and Texas. With over 100 banking centers, they needed a central hub that would integrate their complex business applications. 
  • The Solution: Using LiveTiles, NBH Bank built The Hub — an associate’s one-stop-shop for all the resources they need. Since its rollout, the number of unique visitors per day has significantly increased. Additional integrations include a Yammer feed, world map, directory, news items and quick links. 

A Great Communication Tool Brings People Together

These companies have shown great effort in meeting their database challenges with appropriate solutions. This can be a sign that they’re taking their internal communication seriously — they invest the time and effort to keep the team in the loop via the right channels. 

Loved these examples of great internal communication? Be the example. Request a Demo with LiveTiles.

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