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Even before the pandemic changed the way we work, LiveTiles already knew the workplace was bound to go digital. Since we launched in 2014, we’ve constantly adapted to this evolving phenomenon to better serve our clients. 

By 2021, we already built the agnostic architecture required to ensure great employee experience (EX) across multiple platforms. In the same year, Microsoft launched its own employee experience platform—Microsoft Viva.

Based on our prediction that more and more services were bound to join in on building the new digital workplace, we took this as an opportunity to build a more expansive, and inclusive product. Today, any LiveTiles product can be integrated into any application landscape an organization may be using.

Great EX for Every User

In its first Annual Work Index Trend in 2021, Microsoft said the hybrid workplace is the next great disruption of our times. This was loudly echoed in our recent Employee Experience Global Pulse Check survey, which found that flexibility is now a currency more highly valued than salary, especially by younger workers.

The pressure to close the gaps between members of an organization is greater, as the employee experience now means more than just providing better office benefits—it means ensuring a seamless, intelligent workplace, providing access to information, tools and digital processes to anyone, anytime and on any device

With this understanding, we work hard to ensure every feature and product we provide is accessible to anyone who wishes to use it—regardless of his or her preferred platform. Each LiveTiles product, for example, can be integrated into any vital feature of Microsoft Viva.

Integrating LiveTiles with Microsoft Viva 

Viva Connections can be much more interactive and engaging when integrated with LiveTiles’ Reach’s ability to deliver targeted content into its comms channels, and LiveTiles Directory’s capability to improve user profiles.

With these integrations, leaders and organizers would have a better chance of delivering relevant content—whether in text or video form—to entertain and educate the members of their teams. In our 2021 Digital Workplace Experience report, we noted the need for the digital employee experience to be “people-centered”. Such integrations can allow the camaraderie once felt in physical spaces to be replicated in virtual form.

On top of building a virtual community, providing tools that can let people feel seen and heard is essential. LiveTiles Vibe, which may also be integrated into Microsoft Viva, can be a helpful tool in checking the pulse of an organization. With its non-invasive and interactive design, it offers users a chance for anyone to engage and provide feedback. 

Meanwhile, the LiveTiles Governance Service, when deployed with Viva, can lend a hand in building an organization that is compliant. Organizers can seamlessly deploy and assess whether they have been properly delivered, ensuring that everyone in the organization has access to relevant policies and procedures.

Using Viva Topics with the LiveTiles Integration Service can extend the reach of the organization’s content and knowledge base to Workplace by Facebook, ServiceNow, and other similar relevant applications. Users will no longer need to keep switching between multiple platforms to find the content or information they need, and leaders can stay on top of their team’s agendas more efficiently.

Users Always Come First

As early as 2020, our Digital Workplace Trends report showed that employee experience will be at the forefront of organizations’ strategies in retaining and attracting the best talents in their respective industries. But even before this, we already dedicated ourselves to being human-focused. Rather than directing our users to an employee experience platform as their destination, our products and services view the users as the destination.

Now that organizations must deliver great digital employee experience that is accessible and enjoyable wherever a user may be, our agnostic architecture prepares us to become an efficient partner for clients in the coming decade. Having products that can be integrated into any existing application landscape to improve upon employee experience is one way to future-proof your organization.