LiveTiles Page Designer Update: October 9, 2019

This week’s LiveTiles product release notes for Page Designer includes a new update to change the name of tiles on the design canvas so the Insights panel in Intelligence has unique names, an improvement to the Bing Maps Tile capacity, along with bug fixes for V5 Classic. These bug fixes only affect V5 Classic, and not V4.


A new name field is available in tile settings which will change the name of the tile on the Insights panel. Now, tiles can be personalized for Insights reporting. To access this new field, open the tile settings and navigate to the Advanced tab. Once there, the new field Tile Name will be at the top of the settings.

Improvements for V5 Classic

Bing Maps TileA modification has been made to the Bing Maps API to improve capacity so that the tile doesn’t hit a limit on the amount of times the map can load.

Bug Fixes for V5 Classic

Search TileResolved an issue where the SharePoint home search refreshes to the top folder when searching in a folder, without filtering the contents with the input search query.
Documents TileResolved an issue where a metadata column from a Documents Library was not appearing in the tile.
Documents TileResolved a separate issue where a library with a managed metadata column wasn’t loading at all.
Documents TileResolved an issue where the ellipsis on a Documents Tile item hover wasn’t allowing any interaction.
List TileResolved an issue where a Date & Time Column was disabling the save button when attempting to add new items to a list within the List Tile.
MobileIn some occurrences, pages would “wiggle” in mobile browsers. To remedy this, a new option in the page settings has been added above the Page Width. This check box enables horizontal scrolling, which will prevent the wiggle.
Calendar TileThe event preview was forcing a new line after 35 characters. This has been fixed.
Morphing TileThe placement of the close icon when the Morphing Tile was expanded was showing up in the top left instead of the top right. This has been fixed.
Color PaletteFixed a bug where the Save button for colors was missing when the designer is restricted from choosing custom colors.
AestheticsChanged the capitalization of “Quick View”, “Save As”, and “Page Settings” to regular case. Also changed the font to Lato.
My List Tile, List TileResolved an issue where the Flat File setting in SharePoint wasn’t being honored by the tiles.
Save Page As BannerThe green banner that appears after performing the Save Page As functionality was mistakenly removed and has been added back.
Saved SectionsUpdated the permission on Saved Sections so that users with Design permissions can manage sections.
Facebook Workplace TileUpdated the limit for default groups from 25 to 500.
Meetings TileFixed an issue where adding meetings with a start date of 4 hours or less wouldn’t appear in US time zones.

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