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Building an intelligent workplace to support collaboration, adoption, and growth

Rapid growth often leaves companies with technology that fails to keep up. For US Pharmaceutical companies, its once functional digital workplace had become a clunky and inefficient portal that bundled together with the company’s intranet, learning management and application tracking system. Their workplace technology was no longer able to support its growing workforce.

This biotech customer needed to find a way to utilize Microsoft SharePoint and build a new solution that would grow with their business and better support over 500 internal users. Not only was their portal not being used, but it was also beginning to slow down collaboration and productivity, as team members found it difficult to find useful information and IT wasn’t able to make changes at a quick enough pace.

The company’s Director of IT was on a mission to make this intranet project a successful and meaningful investment for the business.

“What do we have in our toolbox we can use? I asked the team. Naturally, SharePoint came to the forefront, but we needed a way to get the most out of the platform with the flexibility to make rapid changes as we grow,” said the Director of IT.

Building a flexible intelligent workplace over SharePoint

With LiveTiles technology, the company was able to build a flexible and engaging intelligent workplace solution over SharePoint, with little to no code required.

LiveTiles Page Designer simplifies the SharePoint design experience. The IT team worked closely with Marketing to design a layout that replicated the company’s branding and color scheme in SharePoint and were able to arrange features and integrate with almost any third-party business application. Instead of having three solutions within the same platform with limited flexibility, the company now uses one evergreen platform with endless capabilities that is easily adaptable and available on any mobile device.

“It was more powerful than I’d ever imagined. I show this to people and they literally can’t believe it’s SharePoint underneath. I can literally provision a site in minutes, as opposed to hours or days. I am able to reproduce the look and feel of a website with LiveTiles,” said their Senior Application Service Engineer.

Empowering users to easily make changes without costly consulting

With LiveTiles, this biotech company now has a new digital workplace that will grow with the business. Empowered with a flexible toolkit for building and maintaining engaging pages over SharePoint, the biotech company manages its solution end-to-end with the flexibility to make changes on the fly.

“Before if we wanted to make any changes – cosmetic or structural – we had to go to the vendor every time. We were locked in. We now manage it, we maintain it and we have full control,” said their Director of IT.

LiveTiles’ ease of use allows non-technical users to maintain their own pages without IT support, resulting in huge time savings.

“I don’t have to be a full-time web designer anymore! The users do this, and edited pages are updated automatically. I am not maintaining content anymore, which is saving me a lot of time,” said their Senior Application Service Engineer.   

One example of this is a new and improved HR page, which provides global team members with easy access to the core company values, a people directory and a list of holidays for employees across the globe. In addition, the IT team created a self-help page that answers any FAQs, which is especially useful for those without technical experience.

The biotech’s new digital workplace is driving user adoption because now the IT team can easily target different content to different departments, depending on their needs. This means that, for the first time, employees across the business are given information that is relevant to them. For example, all members of the IT team were recently provided insight into the company’s new digital workplace with LiveTiles, so even those who weren’t involved in the decision-making could understand the new changes.

A seamless intranet experience that drives user adoption and engagement

Mobile-friendly with integrated applications, company news, and resources, the company’s new digital workplace is a seamless experience that is driving user engagement.

“The first time people see it, they say ‘Oh my gosh, everything’s in the one place now,” said their Senior Application Service Engineer.

With LiveTiles, the biotech company is seeing major improvements to user adoption, which is helping drive productivity and collaboration to support this biotech’s rapid growth vision. They also recently integrated LiveTiles’ Hyperfish feature to further enhance employee engagement and are already seeing great improvements.

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