Global Building Technologies Provider

Real world use case

The benefits of implementing LiveTiles Reach, a single solution to collate documentation and engage a distributed blue collar workforce, with targeted communication.

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The Challenge

When 75% of your employees are typically non-desk workers, operating all over the globe, it’s difficult to stay connected.

The Solution

LiveTiles Reach, a distributed communications and documentation platform that could be accessed by everyone.

The Result

No more manual distribution of documentation, resulting in significant cost savings.

A large distributed workforce

This company is a global leader in facility management, energy services, and building technologies. Their employees are mostly blue-collar workers who are mobile and located all over the globe. 

Adding further complexity to the situation, the company employees often operate at customer premises under very high compliance and security requirements.

No more printed manuals

The company needed more from their digital workplace solution than just the ability to communicate with their global workforce. Their product documentation was getting unwieldy and a secure content management and distribution was also required.

Typical for the industry, more than 75% of employees are non-desk blue-collar workers, distributed worldwide.

Increased efficiency, reduced costs

With secure digitized machinery documentation available to all field workers, and targeted corporate news, events and notifications reaching their employees in all corners of the globe, LiveTiles Reach was just what the company’s neeeded.

Plus, the company has estimated that they have been able to reduce the cost of manual distribution by more than 66%, just by using LiveTiles Reach mobile app to distribute documentation to remote workers.

The company is so thrilled with their solution, they are exploring options to extend the usage of LiveTiles Reach in other areas of the business.

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