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CONCORDIA Versicherungen is a leading Swiss insurance company that offers its customers complete security and protection whenever they need it. With approximately 1,300 employees, the company relies on modern technology to facilitate its national operations.

Europe, Switzerland

The Challenge

CONCORDIA started using SharePoint as a company-wide collaboration platform in 2017, which was built and introduced with the assistance of ELCA. The intranet solution at the time, running on an outdated platform, was showing its age. CONCORDIA’s management was aware of the untapped potential and decided it was time to modernize the intranet.

The Solution

ELCA was invited to propose a new solution based on the existing SharePoint platform. The team convinced the decision makers at CONCORDIA with a demo of LiveTiles Intranet.

The Result

A project was launched in April 2019, with the goal to go-live before the end of the year. The project team exceeded expectations and now connect drives employee engagement, facilitates closer collaboration, and enables to access information more efficiently.

The Challenge

ELCA closely collaborated with CONCORDIA executives and key business users to elaborate the true value of the new intranet. Their conversations revealed that CONCORDIA required a fresh intranet that:

  • Is simple to navigate and requires minimal onboarding.
  • Offers a new bulletin board for important announcements.
  • Has the ability to create groups for special internal communities.
  • Boosts collaboration and employee satisfaction.
  • Expedites the completion of business-critical processes.

The Solution

ELCA having already delivered the solution for the SharePoint collaboration project, advised CONCORDIA’s management to build an intranet based on the same system but with the advanced intranet features Wizdom brings on top of SharePoint.

Wizdom solves common issues that come with intranets built upon SharePoint, including multi-language functionality, responsive design quirks, navigation logic, communication channels and more.

This approach ensured that CONCORDIA got the maximum value possible from its SharePoint infrastructure – with minimal disruption to its existing business-critical services. It also guaranteed that CONCORDIA could retain its very high standards in terms of confidentiality and security.

ELCA has previously worked with CONCORDIA on two successful projects and CONCORDIA was very confident of ELCA’s ability to “make it work”, as their slogan claims.

Wherever possible the project team used agile practices to gain ground and was able to rapidly show first results to decision makers and key business users. This paid off in gaining vital support for the project from all sides.

ELCA took the time to develop a clear view of the big picture through close consultation with CONCORDIA team members. Those strategic conversations helped guide the project and ensure that every part of this complex implementation was accurately expected.

To identify the best path forward, ELCA carefully listened to the backstory and called upon its expert knowledge of industry technologies. To get the best results possible for CONCORDIA, ELCA engineers worked in perfect harmony with the internal project team.

The CONCORDIA intranet now has its own brand: connect. With its launch it affirms itself as a key part of the cultural shift in the company. As CONCORDIA keeps focusing on utilizing its strengths, it will use the robust and efficient intranet to engage with its employees on a deeper level.

We are delighted with our new connect. It is refreshing, well-structured and supports us in our daily work. Employees can inform themselves, but they can also interact with each other. This is a new development for us, and we are eager to see what happens next. Our project team has experienced ELCA as professional and collegial at all times. That is another reason why the project was a success.

The Result

According to Stefan Pleisch, Member of the Concordia Board, the collaboration of the project team was very good. Based on their experience, the experts of ELCA have proactively presented good ideas and suggestions for CONCORDIA. With this, the entire project team has pursued a highly goal-oriented approach and was able to implement the intranet successfully. We are very satisfied with our new connect and the initial reactions have been very positive.

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