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University of the West of Scotland

University of the West of Scotland Logo

The University of the West of Scotland, or UWS, is a higher education facility, with more than 120 years of history, located in the United Kingdom.

United Kingdom

The Challenge

As a modern and highly rated University, it was essential for UWS that information on its intranet was easily accessible for its community of users as well as providing an appealing user experience (UX).

The Solution

The LiveTiles intranet platform was initially trialled with the Education and Training portals and the success of these paved the way for full scale redevelopment of the Staff Intranet.

The Result

Having launched the UWS intranet under the brand “UWS Connect”, the new staff portal is now more visually appealing and inspires more active engagement by empowering all members of staff to contribute news, events and announcements.

The Challenge

The first impression that new and existing staff members will have of the institution will come from the intranet portal and a poorly designed, or outdated site, will reflect poorly on the institution. With low-level collaboration and disconnected applications, something had to be done and that something was LiveTiles.

The Solution

Following the technical build, a detailed analysis was carried out with the business to ensure that the potential of the centralised document library could be fully realised. Working together with local web agency Screenmedia, UWS produced the templated design and site structure.

With these building blocks in place, the scene was set for a straightforward and people-centric design for the creation of bespoke pages to meet the needs of the community of users.

LiveTiles offered the opportunity to provide a user-centric experience for content editors and the wider user base which SharePoint alone could never deliver.

The Result

The centralised approach together with the faceted search ensures that everything is easy to find; Looking for Something appears on every page and searches all categories from documents to people to events.

Using the LiveTiles intelligence functionality, included in the basic intranet plan, provides ongoing real-time analytics and insights for the UWS intranet admins. Importantly, these insights are immediately actionable and visually demonstrate, through heatmaps and real-time data, what aspects of the intranet experience are working well and what parts need to work better.

By using the simple drag-and-drop technology that is a hallmark of the LiveTiles ease-of-use experience, content creators and intranet editors can easily re-arrange pages, add new tiles or content streams, while all the time being able to monitor the level of user engagement and adapt accordingly without the need for any technical interventions.

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