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The 4 Intranet Features You Need to Have

Cutting edge intranet is essential for an enterprise’s digital transformation. With so many intranet features to choose from, future-focused companies should look to implement services that support collaboration and knowledge sharing. They should also make user experience a priority. 

Here are the five best intranet features that your company can’t afford to do without:  

(1) Team workspaces

When a team’s documents and conversations are all in one place, collaboration is easy. Team workspaces are essential intranet features because they enable better teamwork. Segmented workspaces operate as secure, permission-based intranets within an intranet. . 

Regardless of your organization’s maturity or size, it’s essential to invest in a platform with team workspace features. As your organization grows and changes, you can quickly adapt your team-specific dashboards. 

Legal and General finance intranet and M365 homepage screenshot
Legal and General finance intranet and M365 homepage screenshot

When COVID-19 hit Legal & General knew they had to keep providing a great service to their customers while also pivoting to remote work. Contact centre staff needed the tools to support customers at a critical point without increasing risk to themselves. This dilemma was made more challenging because of the legacy platform used as a contact centre solution.

A new, bespoke intranet dubbed ”The Hub”. As well as helping with day-to-day tasks, staff can work remotely and still easily collaborate in a more distributed workforce model using The Hub.

(2) Forums and commenting spaces

Corporate intranet features should include a space to carry company-wide discussions. With forums and commenting spaces, employees can ask questions and discuss ideas collectively. Public forums build rapport between teams because they can support each other with expertise and fresh insight. They also enhance internal communication of events and incidents. 

UK Ministry of Defence mobile-first intranet solution
UK Ministry of Defence mobile-first intranet solution

From industry experts to academics, the UK Ministry of Defence needed to create an online community where its key stakeholders could connect. 

The MoD designed a user-friendly skin to lay over Sharepoint. Without a single line of code, the Ministry created Nexus, a communication forum where integral partners can discuss current news and events, and share resources. Nexus provides an easy-to-use, flexible communication portal that brings collaborative thought into focus. 

As your enterprise grows, the content on your intranet platform will too. Smart search is an essential intranet feature for growing businesses to access relevant information quickly. An intuitive, contextual search tool will help employees find the content they need, without the frustration of sifting through folders. 

Galenica intranet screenshot

Galenica had ambitions to give their deskless workers better access to internal communications. However, only a small percentage of the staff has access to a company device and account. There wasn’t any mobile access either. If staff couldn’t access the intranet, they certainly couldn’t engage with it.

An intranet based on Microsoft 365 and LiveTiles offers Galenica a suitable solution. The platform is suitable for targeted communication, personalized information, and intuitive use. Galenica’s nearly-8,000 employees can easily access their new intranet, “G-Net.” Many non-desk workers access the platform via their smart phones. The introduction of the new intranet has given many employees a digital identity for the first time.

(4) Mobile responsive design

Your intranet must feature mobile responsive design. In today’s portable workplace, employees do just as much work on their phones as they do in front of their computers. A responsive design makes it easy for your employees to stay connected to your intranet from the convenience of their mobile devices. 

Responsive design isn’t just easier to use; it also adds an extra layer of productivity because your employees access the intranet from their personal devices. 

Engie onboarding flyer for the new LiveTiles Reach app solution provided by LiveTiles
Engie onboarding flyer for the new mobile-first LiveTiles Reach app solution provided by LiveTiles

ENGIE Switzerland has 30 regional offices spread across the country’s three language zones, and many employees at customer facilities or on construction sites. Employees could only get on to the company’s intranet while they were in the company IT-environment. Communication and access to information, therefore, was sometimes difficult, a fact reflected in employee surveys.

A deployment based on SharePoint Online, LiveTiles Reach and the LiveTiles Intranet Hub allowed ENGIE to reach and serve employees wherever they are, no matter their role, location or device. The company now has a dynamic news and communications platform that’s accessible from anywhere, fuelled by interactive, local-language content created using LiveTiles Reach.

With an innovative intranet system, enterprises can transition smoothly to digital workplace operations. For growing and established businesses alike, the ideal intranet features flexible collaboration tools and superb, multi-device user experience.

What tops your Intranet features list? Contact us to implement your favorite features today.

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