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Deakin University builds intelligent intranet, boosts productivity and aligns staff to strategy.

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Deakin University harnesses the power of an intelligent intranet

As you would expect, Deakin University is a place filled with a huge wealth of information. From academic research, to teaching resources, to staff forms, the university is chock full of information that their 10,000 staff need to access. But like so many large institutions, Deakin recognized the need to organize their information to make life easier for staff, particularly when working remotely. LiveTiles helped Deakin find the right solution to create their new intelligent intranet, using LiveTiles Intranet and SharePoint Online to create a functional, easy-to-use system that dissolves internal silos and aligns all staff to the university’s broader goals.

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Thousands of staff who once had no way of searching for data across 70 different corporate applications now have rolling news, updated documents, and multiple information sources at their fingertips

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